The announcement of Dragon Quest 12 was teased with a logo change.


Highlights of the story

  • Dragon Quest 12 is the newest title in the Dragon Quest series.
  • The game was initially announced in 2021 with a trailer that showed the game’s logo for the first time.
  • The game will reportedly have a darker tone than other games in the series, as well as a greater emphasis on action.
  • Square Enix recently updated the game’s logo with a slightly changed logo, hinting at some news about the game very soon.

Good news for all Dragon Quest fans. Square Enix seems to be teasing an upcoming announcement for the upcoming Dragon Quest 12. The logo change was found on a. Japanese website By a Dragon Quest fan on Twitter.

The update can be confirmed by looking at the copyright date at the bottom right, which confirms that the copyright was renewed after its 2021 announcement. For those curious about the difference between the two logos, here’s a comparison.

Dragon Quest 12
Logo before update.

Here is the logo after the update.

Dragon Quest 12
Updated logo for Dragon Quest 12.

It’s likely that we can expect some news related to Dragon Quest 12 in the future, and if not, there’s certainly a high chance we’ll see something related to the game during the Summer Games Festival in June.

Dragon Quest 12 was announced in 2021 to confirm development. The game is expected to be a more immersive entry with a greater emphasis on action. Square Enix revealed a trailer for the game, which only featured the game’s brand new logo hinting at a deeper entry into the Dragon Quest franchise. Since then, there have been almost no new developments regarding the game.

The last entry in the series, Dragon Quest 11, is considered one of the best games in the Dragon Quest franchise due to its engaging story, relaxing light-hearted atmosphere, and classic turn-based combat. If you want to play a traditional but relatively modern JRPG? Dragon Quest 11 is as good as it gets!

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