The Anker Nano II Dual USB-C 65W Charger is 32% off now for just $37.


As more and more manufacturers remove bundling chargers with their smartphones, consumers opt for third-party options with different price tags and features. You should never buy cheap no-name chargers (to protect you and your gadgets), but spending a fortune on a powerful and reliable type is unnecessary. Anker, a popular mobile accessories manufacturer, is now offering its GaN 2 Dual USB-C 65W charger as part of its hard-to-miss deal. Charging solutions sell out

A mobile charger from Anker

Anker Nano II is a compact 65W charger with two USB-C ports built on GaN 2 technology that improves charging efficiency, reduces component size, and improves heat dissipation. The charger can deliver up to 65W on a single port (or 20/45 on both ports) while being 49% smaller than other chargers with the same power output.

You can use the Anker Nano II to quickly charge your smartphone, tablet, laptop, and other devices that support charging via a USB-C cable.

Anker also offers another charger with a discount. The PowerCore Fusion 10000 is a 20W charger with two USB ports and a built-in 10000mAh battery that lets you use the device as both a charger and a power bank.

A mobile charger from Anker

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