The alternative to the Dead Space remake is ending at Open.


Highlights of the story

  • An alternate ending for the Dead Space remake has surfaced online just hours before its release. The alternate ending is only available in New Game+ mode. It is full of spoilers.
  • The ending requires the player to collect 12 pieces of markers, and placing them at the shrine in the captain’s quarters triggers disturbing scenes.
  • Isaac slips into an emotional breakdown and comes under the control of the Dead Space Marker. He hallucinates about Nicole escaping the planet. The ending overlaps with the beginning of Dead Space 2.
  • The interpretation of the cryptic ending implies that Isaac is heading to Earth to spread the Necromorphs.

An alternate ending for the Dead Space remake has apparently surfaced online as it nears its release. The roughly 7-minute video serves as a walkthrough to the most painful alternative conclusion.

It was uploaded to YouTube. The Steveover In an unlisted video that likely won’t be seen until the game is released a few hours later.

Note: The reveal video is a detailed walkthrough, filled with story and location spoilers. We recommend tracking through the video and the rest of the article at your own risk..

The ending of the circulated Dead Space remake is full of painful moments, but it seems to be very well done. However, playing in New Game + mode is necessary to ensure that the ending is unlocked for the player to experience. It is locked during the first run.

EA Motive’s original climax to Isaac Clarke’s Chronicles requires players to find all 12 emblem pieces scattered throughout the haunted ship. After collecting the markers, they need to be placed in the shrine located in the captain’s quarters. The video details the marker pieces and all the locations of the shrine.

Thus, madness is initiated after all tokens are placed on the shrine. The alternate ending sees Isaac Clarke fall apart emotionally, trying to escape with the ship as everything falls apart around him. The Dead Space Marker leaves Isaac behind, and he vacates the Aegis VII planet while hallucinating.

The ending sees the protagonist heading down to earth as he faces the delusions of his love interest, Nicole. Isaac’s words in the hallucination reveal that he is under the influence of the Marker, and the result shows that Necromorphs Go straight to the ground.

Isaac may have had a hand in altered horrors, but that’s anyone’s guess. The alternate ending also coincides with the launch of Dead Space 2, which the community appreciates. In the second game the protagonist wakes up from his crazy breakup to find that he has created another marker.

In other words, the alternate ending could technically be seen as a canonical conclusion to the Dead Space 1 story.

The finish of the surface is a slow burn. Instead of jump scares, we watch our favorite horror protagonist slowly lose the last shred of humanity he has left through mental breakdown and marker formation. This result has led many gamers to call it more gut-wrenching than it actually is.

The game will be released globally. January 27th at 8 am PST/11 am EST, and we will be able to experience the terrifying horror as it ends in just a few hours. The game has been rated highly on Metacritic, and critics have also credited the remake for preserving the essence of the original Dead Space.

What are your thoughts on the alternate ending surfacing for the Dead Space remake before the game is officially released? Do you think the alternate ending is even more off-putting than the original canon ending? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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