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Thinking that That crazy adventure Featuring an official Trello board, we’re here to help you with the official That Crazy Adventure Trello link and answers to all your frequently asked questions.

That Crazy Adventure or TCA is a Roblox action RPG and fighting game inspired by the popular anime and manga series JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.

Pitfall is interactive Game created on 5/20/2022.

That Crazy Adventure Discord invite link

You can also join the official Pitfall interactive community Discord server For more information about the game.

That crazy adventure is Twitter

There is currently no Twitter account for that crazy adventure.

Does That Crazy Adventure have a wiki?

No, there is currently no That Crazy Adventure Wiki.

Link to That Crazy Adventure Trello (TCA Trello)

Below you’ll find a link to the official That Crazy Adventure Trello:

In Trello of that crazy adventure, you will find information and guides about the game. Here’s some information you can still find there:

  • Game Information: Codes, Gameplay Information Controls, Private Server Commands, Menu, GUI, Levels and Ranking.
  • Map Information: Game map and all available locations.
  • All storyline quests in TCA.
  • Every NPC in the game.
  • Every boss/enemy in that crazy adventure is an NPC.
  • Details about every aspect of the game.
  • All stands are available in the game.
  • Every canon and non-canon evolution stand.
  • Specs Guides: Vampire, Hamon, Gun Brickbottle.
  • Mod specs and stands.
  • Coming soon section.

While you’re here, check out the rest of our Trello link database for popular Roblox games! Don’t forget to check back for the latest That Crazy Adventure codes.

That crazy adventure map

TCA map
TCA map Image source: That Crazy Adventure Trello Board

That Crazy Adventure Trello FAQ

What is That Crazy Adventure (TCA)?

That Crazy Adventure is a Roblox Jojo game that has stands and specials that you can mix and match to get the best fighting result. Mix and match to find the specialty that suits you best and create the perfect structure to conquer the world.

How are things born?

Every minute, three items spawn with the spawn chance specified in each item tab.

That crazy adventure controls guide

-𝗕゚゚゚゚゚゚(𝗙): Block allows you to negate damage on certain attacks. Blocking for too long / Blocking a very powerful move causes block break, where you are stunned for 3 seconds but can be stunned after 2 seconds. Blocking certain attacks at the right time will result in a parry, which instead has the same effect as a block break on your opponent.

-Skill tree (𝗠menu > Schill t customize your character” allows you to go as/bottom as you like: . You can be tanky or deal a lot of damage. You can dash faster but have less health, etc.

-Dashing (Left𝗔Alt by defy defy defy

-𝗣𝗩𝗮𝗮 (𝗣): Posing allows you to heal around 5 HP every 1 second, a change from being unable to do anything while posing.

Commands of that crazy adventure private server

This is a list of all the commands that the private server owner has access to.
;Reason (True or False) from Server (True or False) from Kick Player Banned
-Kicks a player for a specific reason and whether or not they can rejoin

;tp player1 player2
Teleports from player 1 to player 2

Bring the player
-Brings you a player

;spawnDummy dummyName
– spawns a dummy. See dummy names

;smsg message
–sends a message to everyone on the SERVER

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