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Grounded from Obsidian Entertainment has just left Early Access. It is now a fully developed best survival game that you can play solo or join a friend’s game to play with them. Speaking of playing with friends, our guide for today talks about the ground-based shared world in which you and your friends play together.

There is a lot of content on offer here for you to enjoy. You can use some of the best ground weapons to finish off your enemies or cut down trees quickly. The choices and decisions are in your hands. Go ahead and create the most impressive looking base possible. After all, that’s what survival games are all about.

Key Highlights 🎮

  • The ground can be far better experienced with close friends. Cooperation.
  • You can create More than one world. So you don’t have to worry about getting it. Saved.
  • you too Share and discover. Your friend’s world too.
  • There is Four playable letters in Game

What are terrestrial common worlds?

Grounded Freeroom is a complete map guide.
An in-game screenshot of a world in Ground (Image credit: eXputer)

Grounded Shared Worlds is one of the most ingenious forms of co-op gameplay we’ve seen in recent gaming. What it does is straightforward but, at the same time, crucial to player engagement and enjoyment.

Additionally, the Shared Worlds feature does exactly what the name suggests. It allows multiple players to share the same world with each other. Think of it like an online multiplayer custom lobby that’s only accessible to people you grant access to.

Ground lobbies are special because anyone can access them at any time. The host does not need to be online for others to access the world. It is a shared world in every sense of the word. As you can see in the picture above there is plenty of space to build whatever you want.

Plus, it’s something that seems trivial until you realize that the base you and your friends created can’t be accessed because the host has to be there. This is a great addition that further shows how dedicated Obsidian Entertainment is when it comes to satisfying their fans.

The following are some of the basic things you should keep in mind about the terrestrial shared world.

  • Only three worlds can be shared between players simultaneously.
  • If you are not the host, you cannot rename the world.
  • Sorting through the world is easy; You can see the owner name above the shared world save file.
  • Players can take their favorite world across all platforms.

To top it all off, one can download a shared world that they are a part of and then use it as a single player world. This is an incredible feature because it allows you to branch out whenever you want. Next, let’s tell you exactly how you can share the world in the game.

How to share the earth world?

Sharing worlds in the game is actually more straightforward than some might think. It’s almost as simple as how co-op works in most other games. It just has a few extra steps. First, start the game, and when you’re at the screen where they ask you to select a world/save file, select the option that says, “Make a shared copy”.

Additionally, after pressing the button the game will duplicate your selected world and turn it into an online lobby. Now, hover over the shared world lobby and select the option that says, “Share with friends”.

After pressing the button, it will bring up the list of all your friends. From here you can choose who you want to add and who you want to remove. Select whoever you want and all those players will now have access to your shared world on Earth.

Also, keep in mind that you don’t need a host to play in a shared world, but if the host you were playing with leaves, you’ll have to restart the world to pick a new one. will also be required. It’s a very minor inconvenience that was almost guaranteed to happen in a collaborative situation like this.

While you can convert your grounded shared world into a regular single-player world, you cannot clone it to create another shared world. Which is fair in our opinion. There’s a lot of content on offer so we recommend you grab some friends and start building the best world you can together.

How to find a world created by someone else in Ground?

Originally, the only way one person could play with friends was when a host player created a server. After that, it was a matter of getting that particular friend online to give you access to your hard work in this shared world. A shared world gives players more freedom, and was introduced with future versions of Grounded.

You need to befriend them to find a common world in the ground. This process can be a little painful.

First, the person whose world you want to join must create a shared copy of their world. Then they have to choose to add you to their list of people they want to share the world with. After that’s done, you can join their shared world in their absence and even take a hose if you want.

But the first and most important condition is that you make friends with the host. This is an option that must be implemented. Mostly, Grounded is played on Xbox, and so if you are joined by a host on Xbox. The host has to select the world they want to share, select the “Share with friends” option and then select everyone they want to give access to the world.

A tip for the host player is to make a standard copy of their world before creating a shared version, this will allow them to access the world in solo play and share it with their friends as well as each other. Can share.


And that’s all you need to know about the shared world. We hope you found the answers you needed. We tried our best to explain everything as simply and quickly as possible. Go there and create a wild world together with your friends. Thank you for reading.

Obsidian Entertainment basically makes some of the best RPGs. The ground is literally completely different from anything they’ve done in the past. They have never made a bad game and with Ground, they have now created a great survival game that is full of accessibility options and freedom.

Also, Obsidian Entertainment is owned by Microsoft’s Xbox Game Studios so we can be sure that they will be offering some incredible high budget titles in the near future. Who knows we might even see Fallout: New Vegas 2 someday now that Bethesda, Black Isle, and Obsidian live under one roof.

What do you think of the grounds? Is this the best survival game? Did you know it was developed by Obsidian? What is your favorite thing to craft? Which of the four characters did you choose? Tell us all about it in the comments section below.

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