Telegram’s latest update lets you share entire chat folders.


An example showing the latest additions to Telegram such as shareable folders

It’s time for another feature drop for Telegram users. Messenger has released another jam-packed update, with the ability to share entire chat folders, better wallpaper management, better bots, better interfaces, and more. Here are the highlights of the latest Telegram update:

  • Shareable chat folders Allow anyone to be invited to multiple chats with a single tap. By accepting the invite link, a person will instantly join selected chats, groups and channels. You can create different invite links with access to specific chats.

    A GIF showing the changes in the latest Telegram update.

  • Better chat wallpaper Now provide the option to set an image as the chat background and send a message to the other side of the conversation offering to use the same wallpaper. Telegram also allows applying a depth effect and blurring the wallpaper.

    A GIF showing the changes in the latest Telegram update.

Other improvements include faster scrolling support for message attachments, the ability to view message read time in groups with topics, and UI improvements. For example, the ability to deliver a message when online now requires fewer taps. You can create groups without adding members first. Owners of the latest iPhone Pro lineup will see a neat dynamic island animation when scrolling through the Telegram profile.

A GIF showing the changes in the latest Telegram update.

You can learn more about the update. In a post on the official Telegram website.


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