Telegram can now translate entire chats, create profile images, autosave media, and more.


Taras Buria


Feb 4, 2023 06:04 EST

An illustration showing several people with emoji heads to indicate the latest Telegram update

Telegram has rolled out its first update of the year, providing users with a massive release with more than ten new capabilities and improvements. Some are only available to those willing to pay Telegram Premium, but most changes are not behind a paywall. here is what’s new.

  • Profile Picture Maker Lets you turn any sticker or animated emoji into your profile, group or channel picture. Animated emojis in chats are only available to Telegram Premium subscribers, but you can use them for profile pictures for free.

    A GIF showing the latest changes in Telegram

  • Better chat translator Extends Telegram’s built-in multilingual capabilities. Telegram Premium subscribers can now translate entire chats, groups and channels (in real-time).
  • Better emojis Now organized by categories, making it easier to find what you want when chatting or changing statuses (animated emojis in statuses are only available for Telegram Premium users).

    A GIF showing the latest changes in Telegram

  • Network usage There’s a new settings section that lets you see how much data Telegram uses and which parts of Messenger use the most of your traffic. You can check statistics for Wi-Fi and cellular data separately.

    A GIF showing the latest changes in Telegram

  • Automatically save incoming media. Saves incoming photos and videos directly to your camera roll. Users can fine-tune this setting and select media type, maximum size, and chats with media auto-save.
  • Improved media permissions. The group allows admins to specify what types of media participants can send. Telegram supports nine media types and even lets you create media-only groups where participants can only send photos, videos, voice messages, etc.
  • Annual premium subscription Telegram allows up to 40% savings on premium subscription.
  • Improvement of bots Let developers add special buttons to help users select groups, channels or people who meet predefined criteria.
  • Apple ID and Google Account. Telegram now supports logging in again without entering an SMS code with an Apple ID or Google account. Note that this setting does not replace the two-step verification password.
  • New custom and animated emoji. No Telegram update comes without additional animated emojis or new custom packs.

The latest Telegram update is available on Windows, iOS, Android, Linux and MacOS. Note that the Microsoft Store version may receive this release a little later. You can. Download Telegram from official website..

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