TechTip Tuesday: How to quickly enter data into an online form


onilne form tab

When helping users enter data into online forms, I see them fill out a box, then take their hand off the keyboard, grab the mouse, and then click the cursor into the next text field. I tell them that there is a very simple way to do this, which is also very effective.

When entering information into a form, you can quickly move from one text field to another by pressing the Tab key at the top left of the keyboard, without having to hold the mouse.

Online Forms tab key

Bonus tip: When inside a selection box such as a state that requires you to scroll down the list, you can press the letter on the keyboard corresponding to your state.

onilne form tab

It will then jump to the states starting with the letter you pressed. You can keep pressing it until your status appears in the box and then use the Tab key to move to the next field.

Happy Tabbing!

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