Tech Tip Tuesday: How to prevent a thief from disabling your iPhone’s tracking.


Tech Tip Control Center

Did you know that when your iPhone is locked, you can access Control Center by swiping up from the bottom right of the lock screen?

Control Center allows you to enable/disable things, access the camera, and control your phone’s volume, among other things.

Control Center

Do you know who else might be using it? Anyone who steals your phone.

This allows a thief to use Control Center from the lock screen to turn on Airplane Mode, disabling cellular data and Wi-Fi, preventing your ability to use “Find My iPhone.” Is.

Here’s how to disable Control Center from a locked iPhone.

  • tap Setting
  • Tap “Touch ID and Passcode.
Control Center
  • Scroll down to “Allow access when locked.“and turn”Control Center” Close.

Control Center

that’s it. Control Center is no longer accessible from your iPhone’s lock screen!

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