Tears On The Kingdom Collector’s Edition Box Leaked Online


Highlights of the story

  • An anonymous 4chan user posted an image of what appears to be The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Collector’s Edition.
  • Apart from the photos they shared of the box, the contents inside still remain a mystery.
  • If the leak turns out to be true, heavy story spoilers will inevitably find their way onto your timeline.

Almost two weeks before the game’s release, an anonymous user is already claiming to own The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Collector’s Edition. Although it comes from a leak 4chanthe person involved has posted photos of the physical boxed version of the game, which many believe to be legitimate.

However, the authenticity of this leak is questionable as the user has not posted anything about the contents inside the box. The leak is already making the rounds on Twitter, and if it’s true, we’ll see more spoilers emerging over the next couple of weeks. Considering the weight of the situation, this could potentially be bigger than previous ToTK art book leaks.

Unfortunately, this story poses a threat to anyone who wants to be vulnerable to the story this game has to offer.

The Legend of Zelda franchise is hugely popular, and after more than 5 years of waiting, Breath of the Wild fans finally have something to get their hands on. As such, we will not upload any subsequent images that may spoil your experience and recommend not following up on a Twitter post either.

A similar situation happened with Hogwarts Legacy not long ago, where an hour-long gameplay footage was leaked, spoiling some gameplay highlights for eager fans. Again, we recommend staying away from social media platforms and everything like that for the next two weeks until Tears of the Kingdom makes official landfall.

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