Team Fortress 2 61GB leak features unreleased maps, models, and more


Team Fortress 2 has established itself as a central multiplayer FPS title since its launch. It oriented FPS gaming mostly to low-end PC gamers because of its tight visuals combined with stunning competitive gameplay. Additionally, the game is still more than just a set of memories that gamers relive over and over again, maintaining its immense popularity.

Recently, TF2 witnessed its biggest leak yet, and it affected its usually stable community. A staggering 61GB-sized data leak recently surfaced on the web seemingly out of nowhere, shocking Team Fortress 2 and the entire gaming industry. Enrollment’s entire asset repository is exposed online.

The leak includes tons of never-before-seen footage, including assets, models, maps, PSDs, VMFs, and more that are yet to be discovered by eager players.

Major takeaway

  • Team Fortress 2 has seen the biggest leak in its history. More than 61GB of data related to TF2 has surfaced online. The community is already diving into the huge pool of files to find interesting details like unreleased assets, maps, models, PSDs, VMFs, and more.
  • The leak includes some interesting files such as old weapon models of old bone saws, and a blue sawed-off shotgun is featured. An unknown model of the three-legged robot was also previously discovered in the leaked files.
  • Moreover, maps such as vip_hunted, mvm_miningtower, mvm_forest, trainyard, mercenary park beta, and the original powerhouse map are also included. There are also development maps that never made it into the original TF2, and the rest are completely blank.
  • The recent 61GB leak has barely been touched by the community, and we may get some more tantalizing discoveries in the coming days.

Richter overtime on Twitter The 61GB team has been tinkering with the massive Fortress 2 leak to find all the cool news. The community is calling it the most prominent leak in TF2 history, and it’s quite a milestone for a game known for its critical life. However, fans have barely scratched the surface of this year’s biggest leak.

You can scroll down to see most of the highlights from the community so far in the embedded tweets below.

The leak features Valve’s asset repository, meaning it contains all the official content that could have been added to the game. For example, weapon models, such as a model of an old bone saw, and a blue sawed-off shotgun are also featured in the leak, bringing out nostalgia for veteran players in the TF2 community.

Richer is writing all the interesting maps, models and assets, some of which are very incomplete or random. The 61GB files made it possible for the community to dissect the vast resources of Team Fortress 2, many of which never made it into the released version.

The leaked Team Fortress 2 files also include maps, such as “vip_hunted, mvm_miningtower, mvm_forest, trainyard, mercenary park beta,” And powerful powerhouse map. Additionally, an unused payload race map called Pinecrest has also been spotted in the large leaked files.

Additionally, there is more data on different types of maps, most of which are barren textures while some retain some details that tell a broader story. The leaked maps vary from giant builds with few details to completely empty templates that were apparently deserted for one reason or another.

There are many inclusions in the huge file that are difficult to explain, as it is still unclear what purpose these results would have served in the game if they were included. For example, the files also include a model of a three-legged robot, which was never included in the official Team Fortress 2 and remains a mystery.

Team Fortress 2 fans have been quick to find sequels for these maps that are similar to the official ones like the exciting Dust Bowl. For example, a map named “dustbowl2” has already been viewed. Additionally, Raid-like kit mods have also been spotted in the leak.

It’s worth noting that the leak is fairly recent, and the community is only just starting to dive into it. Finally there is the 61GB bundle to check out. Regardless, we can expect to find some unexpected hidden treasures over the next few weeks as the Team Fortress 2 community digs through tons of files.

Team Fortress 2’s community is known for being one of the most loyal and supportive in the game. TF2 fans have raised banners against hackers and known issues many times in the past. A new 61GB leak of TF2’s assets collection could breathe new life into the captivating FPS experience and its community.

What are your thoughts on the iconic classic, Team Fortress 2, seeing as its entire asset collection is dumped online for the community to explore? Do you think fans will discover more unreleased maps? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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