Task Manager is no longer needed to fix the Windows 11 Remote Desktop bug because Microsoft fixes it.


Windows 11 logo with a bug

Back in November, Microsoft said there were issues with its Remote Desktop Services because the Remote Desktop Connection Broker was vulnerable to a bug on Windows 11 22H2 systems. This issue was the result of some bug affecting the Microsoft Terminal Services Client (MSTSC) where the mstsc.exe file would stop responding. MSTSC is a command-line interface that helps manage remote desktop connections by editing existing Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) files.

When the issue was first documented by Microsoft, the company asked affected users to kill the MSTSC process as a task using Task Manager. Further workarounds for the problem were also provided by the company which included disabling the User Datagram Protocol or UDP using the Group Policy (GP) editor.

Fast forward two months, the issue is finally done Solution In the latest Windows 11 22H2 KB5022360 update by the Redmond giant. The release notes state:

This update fixes an issue that affects mstsc.exe. It stops responding while connected to remote app and desktop connection.

The update also fixes several other bugs and issues, such as a search indexer issue that would cause sign-in and sign-out issues. You can find a list of all the bugs and issues affecting Windows 11 in these articles.


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