SwiftKey for iOS gets a custom toolbar and the ability to remove the Bing button.


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Microsoft released an update for SwiftKey on Android a few days ago, giving users the much-requested option to remove the Bing button. A similar update is now available for SwiftKey users on iOS.

The latest SwiftKey for iOS release brings the ability to remove the recently introduced Bing button. Keyboard’s official Twitter account though Says that The update lets you customize the toolbar, all customization boils down to just the Bing button: you can turn it on or off. In contrast, the Android version lets you choose which utilities appear on the toolbar and rearrange its items.

Still, despite the limitations, it’s good to see the latest SwiftKey iOS update as Google Play Store and App Store reviews show that a large number of users dislike Bing Button, regardless of the benefits it provides. do

How to hide the Bing button in SwiftKey on iOS:

  1. Update SwiftKey to version 3.0.2 or later.
  2. Open SwiftKey and go to Settings.
  3. Scroll down and toggle off. Always show the BingHub icon. Disabling the option also allows you to reposition the menu button with it. Show menu button left. option
    A screenshot showing SwiftKey for iOS settings.

It’s worth noting that removing the Bing button from SwiftKey’s toolbar won’t prevent you from using the new features. You can also access Bing Hub by pressing the Menu button on the toolbar and tapping Bing Hub.

You can download SwiftKey for iOS. From the App Storeand an Android version is available. In the Google Play Store.


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