Survivors get a “mostly negative” review on Steam due to poor performance.


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  • Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order received a “mostly negative” review score on Steam due to lingering performance and optimization issues plaguing the game.
  • Users have pointed out that the game lags even with the powerful 3090 and new 4000 series GPUs, resulting in 30-50 FPS unstable at best.
  • Critics of the game who received an early copy of the game were able to highlight issues in earlier reviews, but the game’s condition after release appears to be dire.
  • Electronic Arts has said that there will be “weeks” of patches for the title, which will address issues that currently hinder the user experience.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor joins the list of poor PC games that have come out recently with terrible performance and optimization. The entry was very popular in the gaming industry but received negative reviews soon after launch due to lingering issues on the PC version. He has gained notoriety.”Mostly negativeCheck out the score on “ Steam pageand in the comments users have explained the current problems in depth.

The Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Steam page is full of negative reviews for the entry.
The Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Steam page is full of negative reviews for the entry.

The game has severe frame rate issues and stuttering, which has dragged down even the most rigged user experience. Players using the RTX 3080 and even the newer 4000 series GPUs have struggled to keep frame rates stable and above 50. According to user reviews, you will most likely have to enjoy the game at high settings at 30 FPS or lower, sacrificing visual aesthetics. Appeal for a smooth experience until the fix comes.

I’m using a 3090 FE and a 5700x and getting a constant 30 fps in some areas. Other areas give me 45 mostly consistently. It’s at 1440p. Lowering the settings and using FSR makes little difference. And it goes up to 19 GB of VRAM,” writes one reviewer.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is a VRAM hogger that will drain even the best GPUs with its hunger, but according to professional game reviewers, the problems don’t end even with the most high-end rigs costing $6000 to $7000. . Many reviewers had to play Entry before players could purchase it on Steam, and they all pointed out the notorious problems with the title.

Even gamers who boast the best specs on PC are affected by optimizations and bugs. “I think the 4090 and Ryzen 9 5900x aren’t good enough for that. Getting around 30-40 fps,says a review on the Steam page.

Other reviewers are talking about the game failing to run well despite the required specifications.
Other commentators debated the failure to conduct well despite the necessary clarifications.

Many prospective gamers are now blocked from registering, at least until the required number of patches arrive to fix the plague of bugs and performance hiccups in registration. However, don’t worry as Electronic Arts has officially announced “weeks” of patches for the charming entry, which will likely address all the issues affecting performance.

Most of the top reviews on the Steam storefront are filled with negative remarks for the game, with users highlighting all the performance issues and gameplay bugs that are currently present post-launch. Positive reviews are few and far between and highlight the other great aspects of the new sequel. Star Wars Jedi Survivor is a fun game that combines action-packed combat with stunning visuals, but the performance aspects are deeply lacking.

The console versions also suffer from problems, but those versions are in much better shape than the PC One version, as many critics have suggested. Overall, many players are angry with the state of the game after launch, as there was a lot of hope surrounding the title. Professional critics have taken many points out of the game, but it hasn’t garnered as much critical acclaim since launch as some other titles, including Wu Long: Fallen Dynasty.

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