Street Fighter 6 will tell you if your opponent is using Wi-Fi or a wired connection.


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  • Street Fighter 6 will display whether a player is using a wired connection or online Wi-Fi.
  • With the game releasing in a few days, fans have responded positively to this addition.

Apparently, Street Fighter 6 will have an indicator that shows what type of connection the player is using. As rumors have suggested, the upcoming Capcom game will show whether you’re using a wired Ethernet cable or an online Wi-Fi connection. So, you will be able to check how your opponent is playing the fighting title with the help of this indicator.

Roofer Twitter first announced this new addition to the franchise with a tweet. These indicators will be present with the flag of your country/region and represent the connection with their appropriate icons. A mobile service-like bar will show a wired cable in Street Fighter 6, while a Wi-Fi bar will surprisingly show an external connection.

Fans have wanted this feature in the popular fighting series for some time now. One vote Reset Era Forum Almost unanimously agreed that whichever connection the player is using is a great idea. There is no doubt that such a feature can lead to toxicity in an online game. People with wired connections tend to lag less in games than users with most Wi-Fi connectivity.

So, revealing which connection your adversary is using can cause some jerky behavior with Wi-Fi users if there is a lag. But, this feature has been a fan request, and the Street Fighter 6 servers in beta are seamless. Thus, we probably won’t see any negative effects from this increase. Mortal Kombat 11 also had this feature back when it came out so it’s nice to see another major franchise adopt it.

Street Fighter 6 is just days away from release and has received universal acclaim from critics and publications alike. of that Metacritic Score has made it one of the best rated games of 2023 and considering the reception from fans in the open beta, it is definitely proving to be a hit. Developed in the RE Engine, the Capcom title features 18 warriors in its base roster and four additional DLC characters appeared in its first year of release.

Like most fighting games, Street Fighter VI will have rollback netcode, and is cross-platform and developed by Capcom with eSports in mind. The fighting title will finally release on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC on June 2 with an arcade port later this year.

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