Street Fighter 6 Kimberly [Playstyle, Story & Voice Actor]


The latest addition to the Street Fighter family is Street Fighter 6, and it’s packed with a bunch of characters. Kimberly is one of many characters. She has her own unique playstyle, a fantastic outfit, and her own distinct voice acting. This guide will feature all the interesting details about Street Fighter 6 Kimberly, so read along!

Key takeaways

  • KimberlyFull name is Kimberly Jackson, one. New addition The Street Fighter 6 family will first be seen in SF6.
  • Who is she? African American race and has been taught under the auspices of Boys.
  • Kimberly is one. Ninjabut he has put it. Your turn On this art of fighting.
  • Now Toyama Has voiced Japanese Kimberly’s counterpart.
  • Inaris Queens Is English Kimberly’s voice
  • Kimberly has. Two clothesA hip but rather tight dress and a loose baggy dress.
  • Many fans believe Kimberly. New coming character of Street Fighter.
  • gave Special action Because Kimberly is her. Sprint Attack.

Who is Kimberly in Street Fighter 6?

Kimberly, or full name Kimberly Jackson, is a brand new addition to the Street Fighter universe. He was first seen in the game’s second trailer, and is now available to play! She comes from an African American descent and is a ninja at heart. He fights with him Bushenryu Trained in style and under highly talented individuals. Boys.

Unfortunately, in Street Fighter 6, Kimberly’s age is still up in the air. All we know is that she was born on April 15. Oh Reddit The user seems to think that Kimberly may be in her late teens, between 17-19, but that’s just a guess.

Kimberly’s backstory and playstyle

Kimberly is an intellectual, a child. She graduated college at a young age and was capable of anything she set her mind to. His goal was to become the best ninja under Guy’s training only.

Describing Street Fighter 6 Kimberly’s playstyle is pretty easy. He is quick and extremely skilled at keeping his opponent confused as to what is coming next. Also, he is very mobile and agile.

Her main goal is to confuse her opponents, and that’s why she takes a different approach to her moves. For example, she has a new take on ninjutsu, where she uses spray paint instead of smoke bombs to confuse an opponent.

Kimberly’s Special action she is Sprint Which can be converted into a kick at the end. After performing this combo, she jumps and again has the option to either kick or punch, dealing more damage. Many believe that Kimberly could be a new Street Fighter character, with a unique set of moves and a character design that everyone loves.

Voice actors for Kimberly in SF6

Street Fighter 6 Kimberly Voice Actor
Voice actors for Kimberly in Street Fighter 6

Each character in Street Fighter 6 has a unique voice actor, one for the Japanese version and one for the English version. For Kimberly, two voice actors were chosen. Inaris Queensvoicing the English counterpart and Now Toyama Voiced the Japanese counterpart.

Nao Toyama is quite notable for his work, having worked as a voice actor in anime and video games. Most recently, he voiced Hong Jing in Wu Long Fallen Dynasty and Selka in Fire Emblem Engage.

Aneris has been working as a voice actor for almost half a decade now, and has been a part of franchises like Attack on Titans.

Street Fighter 6 Kimberly Costume

Street Fighter 6 Kimberly Costume
Kimberly’s outfit in Street Fighter 6

The Street Fighter 6 Kimberly Costume has everyone talking, with a new design and hip street clothes. The colors of her outfit are vibrant, with a short crop top and striped pants. As always, she carries with her long braided hair.

Street Fighter 6 Kimberly Alternate Outfit
What does Kimberly’s alternate outfit look like?

Game Director, Takayuki Nakayama, shared a photo on Twitter showing an alternate outfit for Kimberly. This outfit features red baggy pants and a white crop top, and everyone loves it!


That’s all, folks; Everything you need to know about Street Fighter 6 Kimberly can be found here! There are a lot of characters in Street Fighter 6, but there are a few great ones that you’ll want to check out. Also, check out the plot and story guide, and learn the full story of the game!

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