Street Fighter 6 Chun Lee [Story, Age, Voice Actor]


Street Fighter 6 Chun-Li’s appearance has been given a fresh update, marking the first major change since Street Fighter Alpha. Its new form shows a Light blue dress Adorned with deep blue accents, with a delightful sky-inspired pattern and gracefully growing swallows. Completing the outfit, Chun-Li now wears dark blue tights underneath.

Key takeaways

  • Chun-Li has received a fresh update to her appearance, including a new light blue outfit with dark blue accents and a pattern inspired by the sky and swallows.
  • Chun-li plays a new role as she cares. Lee Fan And runs Kung fu classes In his neighborhood, gaining admiration and love from the local community.
  • Chun-Li has been promoted to the position of Director of the Special Criminal Intelligence Division within the ICPO and Mission to clean Ken’s nameWhich has been formed by the terrorist organization Amnesia.
  • Official information reveals Chun-Li’s date of birth. 1968and his age can be judged in Street Fighter 6. Late 30s or Early 40sdepending on the time frame of the game.
  • The focus is on Chun-Li’s playstyle. speed, AgilityAnd Quick attacks, making it a favorite among players. It has a mixed fighting style. Powerful kicks and animated animations throughout the series.
  • I English dubChun-Li is the voice actor. Jenny KwanWhile Fumiko Orikasa I give it a voice Japanese dub.

Who is Chun Li in Street Fighter 6?

Street Fighter 6 Chun Lee In
Chun Li in Street Fighter 6

Street Fighter 6 Chun-Li, a former ICPO agent known for her impressive high-kicking skills, takes on a new role. After the Black Moon incident, she devoted herself to caring for the trial victim Li-Fan. With Shadaloo’s influence waning, Chun-Li embraces her passion for martial arts by running kung fu classes, earning the admiration and love of the local community. His dedication to justice and his nurturing nature have made him a beloved figure in his neighborhood.

Chun Li’s story

Chun-Li, a former high-kicking ICPO agent, has been promoted to director of the Special Criminal Intelligence Division within the organization. She cares. Lee FanA victim of the Black Moon incident, which left a lasting impression on him. A new terrorist organization called Amnesia emerges and targets Kane, framing him for a crime he didn’t commit.

  • Chun-Li sets out on a mission to gather evidence and clear Ken’s name.
  • She, undercover with Sujimoto, follows Kane and Albert Jackson to a hotel.
  • A group of masked men Attack on Ken’s carprompting Chun-Li and Sujimoto to save him and run away.
  • Chun-li questions Ken about the attack on his car and tells him that they failed to save his friend Albert.
  • She keeps Kane in custody for her own safety because he is considered one. Material witnesses.
  • Ken becomes frustrated and demands to know his son Mel’s address, but Chun-li suddenly leaves the room to make a phone call.

Li-Fen reveals that JP often changes identities and causes mayhem wherever he is involved. Suspicious activities related to JP’s online presence and attempts to reverse-hack Li-Fen add to the concern. Chun-li ponders the difficulties of her situation, while Li-fan expresses her assent The investigation Plus, expect prizes like a gaming mouse and delicious steak. The conversation ends with Chun-Li asking if she could ever lead one. Ordinary lifeWhich caused Li-Fen to express disappointment.

What is Chun Li’s age in SF6?

Official information from Capcom shows that Chun-Li’s date of birth is March 1, 1968Although the specific timeline for Street Fighter 6 is still unclear. Using the release date of Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike in 1999 As the latest point in the history of the series, The fans tried Putting together a rough timeline spanning several decades.

Following this line of reasoning, it can be inferred that Street Fighter 6 Chun-Li will have a minimum age 32 yearsAssuming the events of the game happened after that 1999. Consequently, depending on the time frame Street Fighter 6 is set in, World’s Strongest Woman could be in it. Late 30s or Early 40s.

Chun Li’s character and playstyle

Ryu Chun Li Fight
Chen fighting with Li Ryu.

Chun-Li, the original fast character from the Street Fighter series, uses a playstyle that focuses on focus speed, AgilityAnd Multiple quick attacks.

  • She uses fast and quick movements, making her a favorite among players.
  • In the early days of arcade fighting games, many female characters followed Chun-Li’s example and adopted a similar style. Fast style.
  • While originally a charge character in games like Street Fighter II, his style was later changed to provide more. technical And High speed Experience
  • Includes a collection of Chun-Li’s basic moves. Physical strength And AgilityAllows for one Mixed fighting style.
  • He is famous for it. Different kicks attacksIts strong benefits Thigh construction.
  • Throughout the series, Chun-Li’s animations have evolved, showing a more elegant style to him. Martial arts.
  • He has unique attacks that can vary in different iterations of the game, with a few famous moves remaining constant.

Overall, Chun-Li’s playstyle offers an interesting and dynamic gameplay experience, speed, Agilityand a diverse range attacksMaking him a strong and beloved character in the Street Fighter series.

  • In Street Fighter 6, Chun-Li is the voice actor. Jenny Kwan I English dub.
  • As Japanese dubChun Li is the voice actor. Fumiko Orikasa.


This Street Fighter 6 follows Chun Lee and his heroic journey. Even though Chun-Li is one of the best characters, there are still a lot of options to choose from. Additionally, check out our guide to the plot of Street Fighter 6, where your avatar takes place in an open world.


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