Street Fighter 6: All Dhalsam Moves and Combos


Dhalsim, the legendary yoga master, makes a spectacular return in Capcom’s Street Fighter 6. The best zoner In the game he’s still very annoying to play against but he’s given a few nicks here and there to help Bruisers like Ryu brutally punish his mistakes.

Key takeaways

  • Dhalsim is one of the top zoners on the Street Fighter 6 character list.
  • It has very flexible limbs that allow it to fight at relatively large ranges.
  • Using his kit effectively can make for some really easy fights against close-range or defensive-best characters.
  • Yoga Fire, Yoga Archand his Teleport Will still be readily available in his move set.
  • Street Fighter 6 Dhalsim costume Showcase revealed its updated model, without the iconic skull necklace.
  • skilled Keith Silverstein Dhalsim is being cast as a Street Fighter 6 voice actor for the English version.
  • of that Rush Combos They are not as dangerous as they were in Street Fighter 5.

Who is the Great Yoga Master Dhalsam in Street Fighter 6?

Dhalsim is a popular part of the Street Fighter 6 character lineup. He was originally introduced in 1991’s Street Fighter 2. During the character reveal events, the developers did not reveal Street Fighter 6 Dhalsum’s age. However, judging from previous titles, he is. The oldest Street Fighter character.

Street Figure 6 Dhalsim Character Art
Dhalsam – Yoga Master

Dhalsim’s story in Street Fighter 6 is one of the most compelling, involving self-growth and an incredible pursuit of justice. In knowledge, he is known for bringing lost and broken souls back to the path of righteousness. Ironically, he is not a fan of violence but his hatred of evil Trump is in every fight.

Dhalsim has some of the most important interactions with other characters in the previous titles. Its most notable is serving as a Guide for Ryu To help him become more powerful. He also gets the title. “The Great Yoga Master Dhalsam” After saving your village

All Dhasalam Move List in SF6

Character commands are the bread and butter of a game like Street Fighter. In this section, we’ll cover the most effective Street Fighter 6 Dhalsam moves. If used correctly, victory will be assured. It’s important to note that some of his most popular moves like Yoga Flame and Yoga Blast have become more powerful with less recovery time. This influenced many of his rush combos in several ways.

Street Fighter 6 Dhalsam Commands
In-game Dhalsim character model

Special moves

  • Yoga Fire: N + SP
  • Aerial Yoga (Teleport): Jump + Left or Right + SP
  • Yoga Flame: Left + SP

Unique moves

  • Yoga Lance: Left + Heavy
  • Nirvana Punch: Down Left + Heavy
  • Drill Kick: Jump + Down + Normal
  • Thrust Kick: Bottom Left + Medium
  • Yoga Splash (near opponent): Down + Light and Medium

Auxiliary combos

  • Assisted Combo 1(0+0 Gauge): Auto + Light > Light
  • Assisted Combo 2(2+2 Gauge): Auto + Medium > Medium > Medium
  • Assisted Combo 3(2+3 Gauge): Auto + Heavy > Heavy > Heavy

Yoga Inferno

Super Art 1 Dhalsam
Super Art 1 – Yoga Inferno

Dhalsim’s first super art, Yoga Inferno is one of Dhalsim’s super arts that ignites a flame in the direction you choose. Its execution is also very fast which makes it excellent. Counter-attack. You will need at least 1 combo gauge bar charge to use this art.

Command: N or right + special and heavy

Yoga Sunburst

Super Art 2 Dhalsam
Super Art 2 – Yoga Sunburst

Yoga Sunburst is the second Super Art that Street Fighter 6 Dhalsam has access to. Dhalsim creates a huge ball of fire that he throws at his opponent, melting away their health in seconds. You need 2 bars of combo gauge for this move.

Command: Left + Special and heavy

Ruthless Yoga

Super Art 3 Dhalsam
Super Art 3 – Ruthless Yoga

The final Super Art, Ruthless Yoga is the most powerful Super Art that Dhalsam has to offer. It is useful in combos, as a Anti-air attack, or even as a way to get rid of pressure from an opponent. You will need a full combo gauge bar for this attack. It gains more power if you are below 25%.

command: Down + exclusive and heavy


Overall, Dhalsim is one of them. The easiest letters To master the game. However, he is based on a safe and distant playstyle so it may not be the most fun for some players. We’d recommend you check out some of our others. Leaders of character Like Blanka, Cammy, E. Honda, and Juri in Street Fighter 6.

This brings our Street Fighter 6 Dhalsim guide to its moves, special arts, story, and overall character changes. Ask any questions about the character in the comments below.


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