Steve Jobs ‘Make Something Wonderful’ free ebook is now available for download.


Steve Jobs eBook

As the Steve Jobs Archive announced earlier this month, a free memoir on the life of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs is now up for grabs. The digital memoir, which collects Steve’s past speeches, emails and interviews, is edited by Leslie Berlin, executive director of the archive.

The memoir also includes some rarely seen items, including internal meeting transcripts and childhood photos of the Apple co-founder. It is divided into three parts and presents a timeline view of the major events that took place throughout his life. For example, Steve’s perspective on his childhood, his exit from Apple, and his experience with Next and Pixar.

The Steve Jobs Archive has made the e-book available through a number of channels, including Apple Books for iPhone, iPad, or Mac, and for participating libraries on the Libby app. Users can also read ebooks directly from the archives. website or Download the EPUB. file that is approximately 32 MB in size and use your favorite e-reader such as Kindle or Nook.


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