Steam is testing a discovery center for personalized DLC recommendations.


Steam Labs

Valve has introduced another Steam Labs experience for users to try out. The latest addition is aimed at bringing more eyes to the addon content that the games are available to players. Experiment 15: DLC Discovery Center A personalized experience based on what games the user owns and plays.

gave The experiment can be tried by visiting here., and keep in mind logging in requires using the Tailored Recommendations feature. As with other Labs experiments, the company wants to expand discovery capabilities using player data and machine learning algorithms as it continues to develop.

“You may have missed or forgotten about interesting add-on content for your favorite games, and this hub is designed to help you discover what’s available and get the best of those games. Find ways to get more out of me,” explains Valve. “Whether it’s individual character skins, content packs, new game modes, or huge expansion packs, there’s probably something of interest to you.”

The Steam DLC Discovery Hub Experience

In its introductory state, the DLC discovery page displays premium and free add-ons for recently played and most played games by a Steam user. Here’s how Valve describes the current features:

  • Most Popular DLC for Your Games – The top section focuses on highlighting the most popular DLC for games in your library. It might be for a game you played yesterday or years ago, but the content being featured is currently selling well.
  • The meat of the page is a breakdown of the games you’ve played recently, or you can switch to see the games you’ve played the most. In any case, we’ll show you every game with a set of available content that isn’t already in your library.
    • Recently Played – Sorted by only the games you’ve played first.
    • Most Played – Sorted by the games you’ve played the most over the past few years. Then once it has shown them all, it will start showing the games that you have played the most in the past time.

Depending on how useful the test is to users, the DLC Discovery Hub will either be shelved if it fails or rolled out as a new feature to everyone on Steam. Like Two others are currently under investigation.Valve is looking for feedback on this experience from Steam Labs. Here on his forums.


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