Statcounter: Windows 11 rollout slows in May 2023


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Several days ago, while detailing performance improvements in the latest Windows 11 update, Microsoft revealed that more than a billion computers run its operating system. Unfortunately, the company did not provide additional details, such as how many devices have been upgraded to Windows 11. Still, developers and users aren’t completely in the dark — Statcounter’s monthly reports provide regular insight into how many users there are of each Windows version and other operating systems. .

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According to Statcounter’s May 2023 report, Windows 10 is the dominant operating system among Windows users. About 71.9% (+0.54 points) of all users continue to use it for their daily computing needs.

Windows 11, which will soon be two years old, slowed down a bit: 22.95%, with a slight decrease compared to the previous month (-0.16 points). It will be interesting to see how the recently released “Moment 3” update will affect Windows 11’s market share and if the features announced at the Build conference are attractive enough to trigger Windows 10 users to upgrade. .

Windows 10 and 11 together hold 94.85 percent of the total market share.

As expected, Windows 7 took a significant hit when Microsoft ended the Extended Security Update Program in January 2023. Still, plenty of users continue to run Windows 7 for all kinds of tasks. Statcounter claims that OS has a market share of 3.61% (-0.17 points).

Those not planning to upgrade from Windows 7 will soon be happy to learn that Mozilla is willing to continue supporting the now-dead OS for more than an additional year. Although Windows 7 no longer receives updates, it still has a mainstream browser with regular patches and security fixes.

Chart showing market shares of Windows versions by Statcounter
  1. Windows 10: 71.9% (+0.54 points)
  2. Windows 11: 22.95% (-0.16 points)
  3. Windows 7: 3.61% (-0.17 points)
  4. Windows 8.1: 0.72% (-0.13 points)
  5. Windows 8: 0.37% (-0.06 points)

Honorable mention goes to Windows XP, which will soon complete ten years from the end of its extended support. According to Statcounter’s findings, about 0.32% of Windows users are still ditching XP and using it to access the Internet. A decade in mod without updates is nothing to a true fan!

You can find more information about the Statcounter May 2023 report. On the official website. A similar report covering the latest browser statistics is available here.


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