Statcounter: Microsoft Edge is no longer the world’s second desktop browser.


The five most popular browser logos are ranked according to their market share.

According to Statcounter’s April 2023 report, Microsoft Edge is no longer the second most popular desktop browser in the world. Apple Safari, the only non-cross-platform browser, has taken over Microsoft’s Chromium-powered Edge.

Disclaimer: Reports from Statcounter and other companies are never 100% accurate, and the idea is to provide average values ​​and identify general trends. You can learn how Statcounter collects its data. In official questions.

Statcounter says Safari is now in second place with a market share of 11.87%, an improvement of 0.95 points from last month. Edge is now in third place, having struggled to cross the 11% mark for nearly a year. In April 2023, Microsoft Edge lost 0.15 points. As for Chrome, it has 66.13 percent with a month-on-month increase of 0.36 points.

Here are the most popular desktop browsers according to Statcounter’s latest results:

  1. Google Chrome – 66.13% (+0.36 points)
  2. Apple Safari – 11.87% (+0.95 points)
  3. Microsoft Edge – 11% (-0.15 points)
  4. Firefox – 5.65% (-0.82 points)
  5. Opera – 3.09% (-0.08 points)
Chart showing the market shares of various browsers collected by Statcounter

Most things remain the same on the mobile side of the market. Chrome and Safari continue to hold about 90% of users, leaving Samsung at just under 5%, Opera at 2%, and the rest of the lesser-known browsers.

  1. Google Chrome – 61.96% (-2.66 points)
  2. Apple Safari – (+1.73 points)
  3. Samsung Internet – 4.8% (+0.31 points)
  4. Opera – 1.88% (+0.08 points)
  5. UC Browser – 1.71% (+0.18 points)
Chart showing the market shares of various browsers collected by Statcounter

You can learn more about the April 2023 browser report from Statcounter. On the official website.


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