Star Wars Jedi Survivor Survivor: Crypt of Uhrma Puzzle


Star Wars Jedi Survivor Crypt of Uhrma Puzzle is one of countless puzzles. As an optional part of the main quest Reaching the Pilgrim’s SanctuaryI have found the puzzle in the crypt. It can be a bit confusing to solve, but the clue to solve it is very unexpected. Moreover, you get amazing rewards for solving it.

Key takeaways

  • can find you A crypt of the pyramid puzzle Following the path from Blustery Mesa to do Corrupt of Ihram When completing an important quest Reaching the Pilgrim’s Sanctuary.
  • You need to push or pull using moving blocks. A forceful push or forceful pull.
  • To open the wall, you need to perform a specific block combination.
  • By doing it randomly, the probability of doing it correctly is very low.
  • Go to the cliff above the crypt to observe the ruins.
  • The ruins in space reveal the correct combination for the puzzle, which is
    1. Top row: 1st and 4th pillars are removed
    2. Bottom row: The second and third pillars have been demolished.
  • Use this combination to solve the puzzle.
  • You get it by solving it. Force Echo, Steam Canister, and a Known as aquarium fishFantailed Lawfish

Crypt Of Uhrma Puzzle Location

The image shows the location of the Ahrama Star Wars Jedi Survivor's crypt.
Image shows Ahrama Star Wars Jedi Survivor’s crypt location (Image credit: eXputer)

Corrupt of Ihram puzzle There is an area in Jedha that can be explored as an optional part of the main quest to reach the Pilgrim Sanctuary. I can find it by following the steps below.

  • Following the path from Blustery Mesa to the Crypt of UhrmaI observed a dim cave at the top of the mountain.
  • Access it via the nearby elevator and find a group of enemies there. By defeating them, our path is blocked from behind.
  • The puzzle is located inside the crypt.

Note: If you’ve been here before, you can easily get here by fast-traveling through the meditation area.

How to solve the puzzle of Ihram

After defeating the aggressive creature, I followed the steps below to solve the puzzle.

  • Explore the crypt to find out. Wall puzzlealong with BD-1 scan And a The Jedh Scroll.
  • The puzzle we need to use. Forced Pull or Forced Push To move some blocks.
Image Uhrma shows the puzzle of the Crypt of Star Wars Jedi Survivor.
Image puzzle of the Crypt of Ahram shows a Star Wars Jedi survivor (Image credit: Xporter)
  • The chances of going through this trial and error are slim, so I went to a new place for clues.
  • Leave this area and climb up to the Sanctuary to advance the Urma puzzle Star Wars Jedi Survivor Crypt.
  • I arrived. The top rock After some time.
  • Eliminate all. Storm Troopers That approach.
  • Here is the main catch. Cal Briefly says he’s seen something similar, pointing to ruins in nearby space.
  • In space, I found pillars on the wall. Four of them are attached to the wall, while four of them have fallen.
The image shows the clue for the puzzle of Ahrma Star Wars Jedi Survivor.
The image shows the clue for the Aharma Star Wars Jedi Survivor puzzle (Image credit: eXputer)
  • It offers a solution to the puzzle, which is
      1. Top row: 1st And 4th Pillars are removed
      2. Bottom row: 2nd And 3rd Pillars are removed.

Now, go to the puzzle via the nearby elevator and follow the same pattern to open the wall. If you’ve pulled the wrong block, use Force Push to push it in.


Image shows Cal puzzle of Crypt of Aharma claiming Star Wars Jedi Survivor rewards
Image shows Cal puzzle of Crypt of Ahrma Star Wars Jedi Survivor claiming rewards (Image credit: eXputer)

You get the following rewards for solving the puzzle.

  • As the wall opens, the path leads to a secret chamber where you can a Force Echo and a Steam Canister.
  • A short path leads from there to the pool, where you will meet. Squaw. Afterwards, when you talk to him, he’ll give you one. Fantailed Lawfish And will tell you a thrilling fishing story.
  • You can continue to start the fight against the boss. Sotaban Alpha, Which is given the status of legendary enemy.


The Jedi Survivor Crypt of Uhrma Puzzle in Star Wars can be confusing if you’re prone to constant trial and error. There are thousands of these puzzles in the game. With our guide, you can easily solve this puzzle to progress faster. Speaking of game length, find out how long it takes to beat Star Wars Jedi Survivor. Additionally, learn all Jedi Survivor stances for effective combat.


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