Star Wars Jedi Survivor Cheats and Trainers


The recent release of Star Wars Jedi Survivor has seen a rush of trainers in the market, and choosing the best one is a tough task. Trainers provide cheats to achieve certain missions set in the game and enhance the overall gaming experience. Check out our list below of the best Star Wars Jedi Survivor cheats and trainers on the market.

Key takeaways

  • Star Wars Jedi Survivor Cheats and Trainers are mods that will change the game’s internal settings and mechanics.
  • Includes some cheats for Star Wars Jedi Survivor using trainers. infinite health, One hit drains enemy staminaAnd To be invisible.
  • Using trainers will modify the settings as they need to access cheats.
  • Although there are many trainers available, there are 3 best trainers for Star Wars Jedi Survivor.
    1. WeMod Trainer: Offering 13 different modes with its own application to operate the trainer safely. Mods are divided into different categories for ease of use.
    2. CheatHappens Trainer: Easy hotkey assignments paired with 20 different modes.
    3. Chat Evolution Trainer: Providing 20 different chats to choose from.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Trainers

Choosing a trainer is not an easy process due to the large number of trainers available. To narrow down your selection process, I’ve found 3 of the best trainers out there and included all the benefits they have to offer.

Before you begin: Be sure to disable any antivirus or Windows Defender when installing your trainer. If not, the files will be corrupted, and you’ll have to start over.

WeMod Trainer

WeMod Trainer website
WeMod Trainer website.

WeMod is one of the best and most popular trainers on the market right now, making it the preferred trainer for everyone. Not only does the trainer offer multiple cheats, but it has its own application to run the trainer safely.

WeMod is famous in the industry because they have trainers for almost all games and they are reliable.

This trainer for Star Wars Jedi Survivor offers 14 options, further divided into 6 different categories viz. the player, the game, Enemies, Inventory, statisticsAnd Physics. All details about the methods available can be found on their website.

To install this trainer, visit WeMod website And click on the download button at the top left corner. Once you have successfully installed the application, set the hotkeys you want on your chats, and enjoy your cheats!

CheatHappens Trainer

CheatHappens Trainer Website
CheatHappens Trainer Website.

CheatHappens is a good alternative trainer if you decide not to opt for WeMod. The main plus point for CheatHappens is that it offers more cheats than any other trainer out there. So while 14 cheats are the norm for Star Wars Jedi Survivor, CheatHappens has 20 different options to choose from!

Visit the CheatHappens website to review all the available cheat codes they have!

Installing this trainer is quite easy, just visit. CheatHappens website And click on the white button labeled “Download the trainer.Once downloaded and installed successfully, you can start setting hotkeys and using them in the game.

Chat Evolution Trainer

CheatEvolution Trainer Website
CheatEvolution Trainer Website.

Another great addition to round out this list is Cheat Evolution Trainer to get Star Wars Jedi Survivor Cheats. This trainer, just like CheatHappens has more cheats to offer, 19 to be exact. The website contains a detailed list of all available mods.

To Install this trainer, visit their websiteScroll down, and click the Download Trainer button. Once you have it all installed, you can configure it to your liking and start gaming!

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Cheats

Cheat codes are something that I have always loved when playing games. They help and ask nothing in return, so how can I not love them? Now that I have chosen one of the trainers from the above list, I can start using them for my desired cheat codes. Below I’ve listed some of my favorite cheats using the trainers above and how to best use them.

To be invisible

The availability of going invisible is something I’d love in real life, but I might be able to do it in game as well. Using mods on CheatHappens and WeMod, I can now become an invisible Jedi and roam the streets undetected. Find your desired hotkey and become invisible and terrorize the game any day of the week.

infinite health

For more basic reasons, infinite health is like a never-die mod, and how could I not love that? So now, no matter how many attacks I might get from the dark side, I always have unlimited health to power up. This is a cheat I prefer and use a lot, so I’ve made sure to assign a hotkey to it where I can easily access it.

Weak enemies

Having the ability to make sure your enemies are always weak is something I’ve always wanted, but making even the strongest enemies weak might be the best thing ever! Combining the weak enemies mode with the unlimited health mode is a match made in heaven, so be sure to use these modes wisely!

Final thoughts

All you need to know about Star Wars Jedi Survivor Cheats and which trainers to use. Choosing any of the above 3 trainers is a good choice, so it’s impossible to go wrong here. While playing Star Wars Jedi Survivor, I always thought it was good to know different moves without cheating, so check out the Increase Maximum Health In Star Wars Jedi Survivor guide. Let me know in the comments below if you want more guides like this!


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