Star Wars Jedi Survivor Blaster Stance [Unlock & Upgrade]


Blaster Stance in Star Wars Jedi Survivor requires completing the main story campaign to unlock. Chapter 3. This chapter is divided into 4 parts, each with different objectives. The adventure begins when our ship crashes on the planet Earth. Kobohand you embark on a mission to find out. avoid, who can help repair our ship. Once you find Graze, you’ll be introduced to Bod, who gives us a blaster to practice with. With the ship ready for repair, you can proceed to Chapter 4.

Key takeaways

  • To unlock Blaster Stance, the story campaign must be completed. Chapter 3.
  • See you. Bod At the end, and he’ll give you the blaster.
  • If I want to shoot someone specifically with a blaster, I have to aim them exactly like you would with a lightsaber.
  • The Perks system in Star Wars Jedi Survivor can also enhance the performance of Blaster Stance.
  • Blaster Stance has several upgrades, including Quick draw, flying lunge, blaster cooldown, improved clip, energetic flurry, efficient heat transfer, and point blank.
  • The Jedi Survivor blaster, unlike the traditional blaster cannon, uses only Six ammo Can fire more at a time. give One time charge for the shot.

How to unlock blaster stance

Unlocking the blaster stance
Unlocking the blaster stance [Image by eXputer]

To unlock Blaster Stance, you must complete the Jedha Chapter 3 Story Campaign. The blaster stance will be available to you when I get to Jedha and visit the archive for the first time.

  • It takes place after Coruscant and Koboh, which are the first and second planets you’ll visit.
  • To get to Jedha, I followed Koboh’s main story path until the Mantis was repaired, and I could travel to the new planet.
  • Although it’s quite a distance from the archive, Jedha is smaller than Koboh, so it won’t take long to get there.
  • Once I get to the archive, Bod will come to me.
  • Bode will give Cal Blaster, and after a quick tutorial, he’ll be able to use Blaster Stance at any time.
  • With a blaster, you can easily take out unsuspecting B1 droids with devastating ranged attacks.

Blaster Stance Uses and Upgrades

Blaster Stance unlocks the use of a ranged blaster gun instead of a lightsaber, making it essential for defeating difficult bosses. Tague Louesh. Where recommended stances are the blaster and double-bladed stances, which allow players to attack enemies from a distance, shoot bolts to deal instant damage, and break through enemy shields.

Using Blaster Stance

Using the blaster
Using the blaster [Screenshot Grab: eXputer]

I used Blaster Stance effectively in Star Wars Jedi Survivor alternating between melee and ranged combat.

  • By darting in and out of melee range, you can extend the charge and finish off enemies from a distance using the blaster.
  • You may find it difficult to master the blaster stance in Star Wars Jedi Survivor, but it effectively deals with enemies that need to be kept at a distance, such as flamethrower stormtroopers.
  • With its range and speed, Blaster Stance can effectively slow down opponents and help us survive tough fights.
  • Our primary attack uses a lightsaber and prepares a charge for our blaster.
  • You can see the amount of charge available for our blaster displayed on the left side of our screen.
  • To use a blaster, you activate a special attack to fire a shot, which will charge once.
  • Alternatively, I can parry a special attack to create a charged shot, which will use twice the charge.

Blaster Stance Skill Tree

Skill Tree
Skill Tree [Image Credit Copyright: eXputer]
  • Quick Draw (3 Skill Points) – Focus and target multiple enemies at once with the blaster
  • Flying Lounge (1 Skill Point) – Gives you more range with your lightsaber.
  • Blaster Cooldown (1 Skill Point) – Gives you more ammo for each free strike landed with the lightsaber.
  • Improved clip (1 skill point) – Increase maximum blaster ammo by three.
  • Energetic Flurry (3 skill points) – Perform a series of quick swings that replenish ammo quickly if they connect.
  • Efficient Heat Transfer (2 skill points) – Decreases how long it takes to do a charged upshot. (This takes a few seconds).
  • Point Empty (1 Skill Point) – Lets you blow up an enemy when he’s about to hit you at close range.

Other upgrades on the blaster stand

Upgrade Shop
Upgrade Shop [Screenshot Captured by eXputer]

There is a bounty hunter named Cage in Grey’s cantina. If you hunt. Hexane Brod Members, you will earn Bounty Picks. These Bounty Pucks can be used to purchase new Blaster Shots from him. All these are explained below.

  • Charge Shot Area Activated when you hit an enemy with a Charge Shot, nearby enemies will then take damage.
  • Ricochet Blaster bounces bolts off any surface. So when you fire the blaster ball, it bounces and can hit more enemies together.
  • Stun shot Fires a stun bolt at the target and can also stun nearby enemies.

To change shot types, you need to be in the meditation menu, select Blaster Stance, then select any desired.

Perks on the blaster stand

Perks are photographed by us.

Perks are a new system in Star Wars Jedi Survivor that can also improve Blaster Stance.

  • Marksmanship (3 slots) – Increases the damage of your blaster shots when you are using blaster stance.
  • Immutable (1 slot) – Allows you to take hits without taking damage while charging your blaster.

Blaster customization

As required
As required [Image by eXputer]

You can also customize parts of your weapon instead of choosing a completely separate weapon.

  • There are only three parts to replace individual parts: barrel, body, and handle.
  • You can customize our blaster just on the workbench.
  • You can also find gun parts by opening crates in Star Wars Jedi Survivor World, just like lightsaber parts and clothing.
  • There are also options to buy parts from Caij.


Overall, Star Wars Jedi Survivor unlock Blaster Stance is a combat style that allows us to use a ranged blaster gun instead of a lightsaber. To unlock Blaster Stance, you need to complete the Jedha Chapter 3 Story Campaign, which becomes available after completing it. Coruscant And KobohThe first and second planets we visited respectively.

However, the Jedi Survivor Blaster only holds six rounds at a time, and two rounds can be consumed at a time for a charged shot. To use Blaster Stance effectively, one must alternate between melee and ranged combat, darting in and out of melee range and eliminating enemies from a distance using the Blaster. Blaster Stance can be difficult to master, but it is effective against enemies that require distance, such as Flame Storm.


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