Star Wars Jedi Survivor: BEST Skills [All Trees]


While trying to figure out the Star Wars Jedi Survivor’s Best Skills, I got a chance to look at all of the available skill trees extensively. With Star Wars Jedi Survivor, Cal has returned with many new stances and different skill trees that can help aid him in battle.

There are a total of 75 skills and nine skill trees in Jedi Survivor. Although you can eventually get every single one of them through new game plus and grinding for skill points, it’s important to figure out which skills are the best from each skill tree and which skills are the overall best for the early and late game in order to utilize skill points more effectively.

Important: You can respec your skills, but the process will cost one skill point after your first respec. 

Key Takeaways

  • There are three types of skill trees in Jedi Survivor, which further expand, making a total of nine different skill trees in Jedi Survivor.
  • In total, there are 75 skills that you can unlock for Cal, but their costs vary.

  • The first type of skill tree is the Lightsaber Tree.
  • The Lightsaber Tree is further divided into five stances:
    1. Single: Vanilla playstyle, which can be made stronger using Cyclone Slash, Dash Strike, and Charged Throw.
    2. Double Blade: Great for crowd-control and AoE Damage and can perform good combos using Endless Hurricane, Rising Storm, and Repulsing Burst.
    3. Duel Wield: A good blend between mobility and aggressive gameplay, which can be further enhanced using Backstep Slash, Precision Release, and Dancing Blades.
    4. Blaster: A ranged-focused stance where you can enhance the blasters abilities using Point Blank, Quick Draw, and Energizing Flurry.

  • The next skill tree is the Force Tree which is focused on utilizing the Force Meter the best as possible. 
  • It is further divided into:
    1. Confusion: A tree that allows you to control enemies and can be extremely useful if you acquire Confounded Mind, Redirected Strength, and Confusion Mastery.
    2. Telekinesis: Focused on moving around objects and enemies using force and can be useful if you invest in Howling Push, Unrelenting Pull, and Parry Push.
    3. Jedi Concentration: A tree that offers different passive abilities that can help maintain your Force Meter. The Star Wars Jedi Survivor’s best skills in this tree are Swift Focus, Superior Hold, and Enlightened Attunement.

  • The final tree is the Survival Tree (Resilience) which focuses on improving Cal’s health and healing abilities.
    • Perfected Stim Formula and Survival Skills will help you get more health and heal more, whereas Focused Sight will ensure you can successfully dodge all melee attacks. 
  • You can reset your skills for free for the first time. But if you want to do it again, it will cost you one skill point each time

All Best Star Wars Jedi Survivor Skills Comparison

Skill Name Skill Tree Skill Points Required Summary
Cyclone Slash Single 2 Overhead swing after basic attack for staggering enemies
Dash Strike Single 2 Dash and strike for initiating combos and mobility
Charged Throw Single 2 Throw lightsaber at enemies for ranged attack
Endless Hurricane Double Blade 1 Additional attacks in a double-bladed chain attack
Rising Storm Double Blade 2 Pull enemies and launch Cal in the air for powerful follow-ups
Repulsing Burst Double Blade 2 Airborne AoE attack for staggering and pushing enemies
Backstep Slash Dual Wield 1 Attack and leap backwards for damage and a safe distance
Precision Release Dual Wield 2 Shockwave effect and follow-up attack on a precise release
Dancing Blades Dual Wield 3 Bouncing lightsaber throw for multi-target damage
Point Blank Blaster 1 Blast enemies away just before they strike
Quick Draw Blaster 3 Mark and shoot multiple enemies
Energizing Flurry Blaster 3 Replenish ammo through melee attacks
Greater Impact Crossguard 1 Ground slam with shockwave for stagger
Rolling Thunder Crossguard 2 Powerful straight-line lightsaber throw
Sundering Swipe Crossguard 2 Multi-target sweep attack
Confounded Mind Confusion 2 Increase duration of confusion effect
Redirected Strength Confusion 1 Control Stormtroopers to fire on allies
Confusion Mastery Confusion 3 Confuse even larger enemies
Howling Push Telekinesis 2 Push multiple enemies away with an increased radius
Unrelenting Pull Telekinesis 3 Pull in even the heaviest foes
Parry Push Telekinesis 1 Send the enemy flying with a well-timed parry
Swift Focus Jedi Concentration 1 Increase Force recovery with successful Precision Evade
Enlightened Attunement Jedi Concentration 2 Maximize Force meter usage
Superior Hold Jedi Concentration 1 Slow down enemies for an extended duration
Survival Skills Survival 2 Maximize health for endgame
Perfected Stim Formula Survival 2 Increase healing from items
Focused Sight Survival 2 Automatically evade melee attacks with the dodge button held

Best Lightsaber Tree Skills In Star Wars Jedi Survivor

There are five different lightsaber stances in Jedi Survivor. The newly added Crossgaurd, Blaster, and Duel Wield add a lot of variety to the gameplay, but also useful skills that can help you dominate against the multiple enemies in Star Wars Jedi Survivor.

But, as you can only activate two stances at one time, it is quite important to consider which skills that you’re going to invest in according to your own playstyle.

Single Tree Skills

star wars jedi survivor best skills
Single Stance Skill Tree [image by eXputer]

Starting off with the original stance, the single lightsaber. It is the vanilla fighting style and perhaps will not be used as often as some of the newer stances. When I was testing out the different stances, I found the single stance to be more focused on aerial strikes and dashes. Although the tree is quite basic, you can add a bit of flavor to it using these skills.

Cyclone Slash 

If you use a single stance, then the Cyclone Slash is necessary.

  • It allows you to perform an overhead swing after holding the attack button after a basic attack.
  • The move is great for staggering enemies and coming up with combos. Often the attack is useful for stringing together different combos.
  • Cost: 2 Skill Points.

Dash Strike

The next useful Star Wars Jedi skill is Dash Strike.

  • It allows you to hold the block button and press the attack button to dash toward and strike an enemy in a certain range.
  • It is useful for starting combos and allows you to move around multiple enemies with ease.
  • Cost: 2 Skill Points.

Charged Throw

Charged Throw is great for attacking from a safe distance.

  • By holding Block Button and Force Attack button, you can throw your saber at your enemies.
  • Although other stances offer a better version of the skill, it is still quite effective for anyone that is hoping to stick to a Single stance.
  • Cost: 2 Skill Points.

Double Blade Skills

star wars jedi survivor best skills
Double Bladed Stance Skills [captured by eXputer]

The Double Blade is also part of the original stances that were also available in the previous game. Ironically, most of the skills in the tree are cheaper than the single-bladed skills. And the skill tree offers a style that is heavily focused on crowd control and being able to deal with multiple enemies with ease. The fast playstyle can be quite limiting while fighting against bigger enemies, though. Here are the Star Wars Jedi Survivor best skills for the Double Blade stance.

Endless Hurricane

The fast-paced combat style of the Double Blade is showcased quite well through the Endless Hurricane.

  • It allows you to add additional attacks to the end of the double-bladed chain attack if you continue to press the Attack Button.
  • Considering that it doesn’t use the Force Meter at all, it is amazing for dealing with multiple enemies and coming up with powerful combos.
  • Cost: 1 Skill Point.

Rising Storm

Yet another move that is great for dealing with troublesome groups of enemies is the Rising Storm.

  • It consumes the Force Meter and lets you pull enemies in a small circle while launching Cal in the air, allowing you to come down with any move of your choice.
  • It is great for bringing together scattered enemies in a single spot.
  • Rising Storm will also allow you to damage multiple enemies at once if you follow up with a powerful move afterward.
  • Cost: 2 Skill Points.

Repulsing Burst

Another Force Attack that allows you to slam down and deal AoE damage.

  • The move requires you to be already airborne.
  • Therefore, if you combine Rising Storm and Repulsing Burst together, you’ll end up with a strong combo.
  • The ability is also great for staggering and pushing away large groups of enemies.
  • Cost: 2 Skill Points.

Dual Wield Skills

Dual Wield stance skills [image by eXputer]

The Duel Wielding is a new stance that was added in Jedi Survivor, and it is considered one of the best stances in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. It has some amazing skills, and I definitely recommend saving up skill points to invest heavily in the skill tree.

Backstep Slash

Backstep Slash encapsulates the dual-wield playstyle perfectly as it combines the speed and power of the stance.

  • If you hold the Block Button and then press the Attack Button, you’ll attack and also leap backward.
  • It is great for damaging enemies while also keeping a safe distance. You’ll find it really useful against bosses or strong single targets.
  • Cost: 1 Skill Point.

Precision Release

Precision Release is the upgraded version of the Focused Parry in the same skill tree, and these both are quite powerful skills and extremely useful for those that struggle with the parry timings.

  • It allows you to hold a stance, and when you release the Force Attack Button right as when an enemy is about to strike you, you’ll release a shockwave-like effect and follow up with a devastating attack.
  • The fact that the move can be used against even the larger enemies makes it a must-have.
  • You can use it to deal heavy damage against melee enemies.
  • Cost: 2 Skill Points.

Dancing Blades 

No stance is complete without a Star Wars Jedi Survivor skill that lets you hurl around your blades. But none of them do it quite as well as the Dancing Blades.

  • Holding the Block Button and then pressing the Force Attack Button will let you throw your lightsabers in such a manner that they’ll bounce off between multiple enemies.
  • It is great if you’re surrounded by multiple enemies, as the lightsabers will bounce off more naturally and strike almost every enemy.
  • The move is quite fast and is capable of delivering significant amounts of damage, even if you maintain a safe distance.
  • Cost: 3 Skill Points.

Blaster Skills

Blaster Stance Skill Tree [image by eXputer]

The blaster stance is focused on allowing you to keep pressure from quite a distance while also having the ability to close in for melee attacks. The stance is definitely more useful against single targets, especially those that have large stamina bars. In terms of the skills, they’re definitely more focused on optimizing the blaster than anything else.

Point Blank

Probably one of the strongest skills of the Blaster stance is the Point Blank.

  • By pressing the Force Attack button just before being struck by an enemy, you’ll be able to blast them away.
  • For the majority of the weaker enemies, the attack will be enough to wipe them out completely.
  • It essentially acts as a stronger parry move and is great for creating distance between you and bigger targets.
  • Cost: 1 Skill Point.

Quick Draw

Quick Draw is a skill that is quite useful for targeting multiple enemies.

  • Holding the Block and the Force Attack Button will let you focus and mark multiple enemies.
  • The technique is quite similar to the deadeye from Red Dead Redemption.
  • The technique is great for starting off encounters against a large group of enemies or for finishing them off from a good distance.
  • Cost: 3 Skill Points.

Energizing Flurry

The Energizing Flurry is a technique that is used to recover bullets and help you make the most of your blaster.

  • By holding the Block and Attack button, you’ll be able to land multiple strikes on enemies, which will also aid in replenishing ammo for your blaster.
  • The move is definitely more useful when you’re up against a big group of enemies.
  • The skill on its own isn’t useful and only becomes important once you’ve got the hang of implementing the blaster in combat.
  • Cost: 3 Skill Points.

Crossguard Skills

all best lightsaber skills in star wars jedi survivor
Crossguard Stance Tree [captured by us]

The Crossguard is a heavier-styled stance where Cal will grip the lightsaber with both his hands. The movements are quite slow, but each attack feels solid and can deal a substantial amount of damage. If someone is interested in the single-handed stance, they’d definitely be much better off with Crossguard. Regardless, here are the Star Wars Jedi Survivor best skills for the Crossguard stance.

Greater Impact 

The Greater Impact is the upgraded version of the Impact skill in the same tree, and they both provide a great way of dealing with enemies that might be in the distance.

  • While airborne, pressing the Force Button will allow you to slam into the ground and cause a shockwave.
  • The way will extend forward and stagger any enemy that gets in the way.
  • As the way is quite focused, it is better used against larger enemies than an entire group.
  • Cost: 1 Skill Point.

Rolling Thunder

Most of the Crossguard stance attacks are focused on focused and directed attacks, and the Rolling Thunder is no exception.

  • By holding the Block Button and Force Attack button, you can throw the lightsaber in front of you in a line.
  • What makes the attack more powerful is the fact that it will continue to go in a line and hit multiple enemies.
  • Although it can only attack enemies that are in a straight line, the throw deals the most amount of damage compared to the other ranged attacks.
  • That is why it is the best throwable attack against larger targets.
  • Cost: 2 Skill Points.

Sundering Swipe

Although the Crossguard stance is mainly great against single enemies, you do have options for when you find yourself surrounded.

  • By holding the Block and Attack Button, you can hit multiple targets by performing a sweep.
  • As the attack does not use the force meter, it is quite useful against large groups where you might need to use the attack multiple times.
  • Cost: 2 Skill Points.

Best Force Tree Skills In Star Wars Jedi Survivor

The Force Tree is focused on letting you use the Force for different techniques, such as Telekinesis, and also optimizing your use of the Force Meter so that you can use it more effectively in combat. But there is also the addition of the new Confusion Tree, which has some amazing skills. Regardless, here are the Star Wars Jedi Survivor best skills for the Force Tree.

Confusion Skills

star wars jedi survivor best skills
Confusion Force Tree [screenshot by us]

As mentioned earlier, the Confusion Tree is a new addition to the Force Tree and offers some of the best Force-related skills that you can use. These let you control your enemies and make them fight each other.

Confounded Mind

Confounded Mind essentially allows you to keep enemies under your influence for a longer duration.

  • It is helpful as with the same amount of cost, you’re getting more out of the ability and can keep enemies in larger groups occupied for longer.
  • Cost: 2 Skill Points.

Redirected Strength

The Redirected Strength skill allows you to control Stormtroopers and use their own weapons against their allies.

  • By holding the Block and Slow Button, you can make a Pulled enemy fire their weapon according to your own will.
  • It is great for taking out enemies that might be far away.
  • Cost: 1 Skill Point.

Confusion Mastery

Getting to the skill will be quite hard as it is the skill at the top of the tree. However, it is worth the investment.

  • It allows you to confuse even bigger enemies.
  • These bigger enemies are capable of clearing out large groups of enemies on their own.
  • Cost: 3 Skill Points.

Telekinesis Skills

all best force skills in star wars jedi survivor
Telekinesis skill tree [image by us]

The Telekinesis skill tree deals with your typical push and pull abilities. Although these abilities are quite fun, they’re similar to what Cal could do before, so you might be better off investing in the Confusion tree. Regardless, there are certain useful abilities.

Howling Push

Howling Push is great for getting out of sticky situations where you might need a second to recover.

  • It lets you push multiple enemies away and also stagger them. Howling Push is an upgraded version of the Radial Push and offers a greater radius.
  • Cost: 2 Skill Points.

Unrelenting Pull

The opposite of Howling Push, Relenting Pull lets you pull in enemies closer to you.

  • It is the upgraded version of all pulling skills and lets you pull even the heaviest foes.
  • Great for closing the distance, especially if you’re working with stances that aren’t strong in terms of mobility, such as the Crossguard stance.
  • Cost: 3 Skill Points.

Parry Push 

A basic but necessary skill from the Telekinesis tree is the Parry Push.

  • It allows you to send an enemy flying when you time your parry correctly.
  • It sounds simple, but I’ve used it time and time again to get out of sticky situations and to stagger larger enemies.
  • Cost: 1 Skill Point.

Jedi Concentration Skills

star wars jedi survivor best skills
Jedi Concentration Skill Tree [screenshot by eXputer]

The Jedi Concentration skills are more focused on allowing you to use the force meter more efficiently while also giving you different methods for recovering your Force.

Swift Focus

You will be using Precision Evade quite often in Jedi Survivor.

  • That is why Swift Focus is quite helpful, as it lets you increase your Force recovery each time you perform a successful Precision Evade.
  • The benefit is directly linked to your ability to perform the evade skillfully.
  • Cost: 1 Skill Point.

Enlightened Attunement

It’s no surprise that the Force Meter is quite an important mechanic.

  • Almost all of the interesting combos or moves in every stance require the Force; therefore, maximizing it using the Enlightened Attunement is a must.
  • Cost: 2 Skill Points.

Superior Hold 

The Superior Hold is the maximum version of the Slow down effect.

  • The effect is quite useful for dealing with larger enemies; therefore, having the ability to slow them down for a longer duration will certainly help in many scenarios.
  • And the fact that you’ll need to unlock Extended Hold before this means that you’ll be able to land multiple hits on an enemy before the Slow Down effects break.
  • Cost: 1 Skill Point.

Best Survival Tree Skills In Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Survival Skill Tree [image by eXputer]

In terms of the Star Wars Jedi Survivor’s best skills, the Survival Tree has the best in terms of helping you stay alive.

  • The tree does not branch out into different trees like the others but rather has its own skills, which are more focused on helping you retain your health as much as possible.
  • I recommended that you don’t invest in the tree early on but rather come back to it depending on how difficult things are starting to get.
  • Therefore, the best way to utilize the tree is to invest only when you need to and when regular enemy encounters are starting to feel a bit challenging.

As there is only one tree under the Survival Tree, here is a quick summary of the best skills:

  • Survival Skills (2 Skill Points): As it allows you to get the maximum amount of life, it is a must-have by endgame so that you’re not struggling in the harder areas.
  • Perfected Stim Formula (2 Skill Points): Allows you to regain more amount of health with every healing item. As they are limited, every upgrade to them counts, making it a useful skill.
  • Focused Sight (2 Skill Points): Allows you to automatically evade incoming melee attacks as long as you hold the dodge button. Great for dealing with multiple enemies while low on health.


With that, you know all about the Star Wars Jedi Survivor best skills for every skill tree. As there are 75 skills in Star Wars Jedi Survivor, it would be hard to experiment with every single one of them. Luckily, you can reset your skills but at the cost of a single skill point. Considering each skill point takes quite the grind to acquire, you’re better off knowing which skills you want in advance rather than wasting your points.

Besides just acquiring all of the skills, there is much more you can do in Jedi Survivor, such as exploring all planets or completing the Uhrma puzzle. You can also collect more outfits to make Cal look amazing. And if you’re wondering how long to beat Jedi Survivor, then you can check out the in-depth guide on it.

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