Star Wars Jedi Survivor: All Lightsaber Colors [Unlocked]


Star Wars Jedi Survivor It allows players to customize their lightsaber in 11 different colors. Nine of these colors will be available to players once they have progressed enough to access the Workbench. However, two of the eleven colors are locked. In this guide, I have covered Star Wars Jedi Survivor All Lightsaber Colorsand how to unlock two locked colors.

Key takeaways

  • Players can customize their lightsaber with 11 unique Star Wars Jedi Survivor lightsaber colors.
  • These colors will be available to players once they gain access to it. Workbench.
  • Players can use the workbench to customize their gear, e.g Lightsabers And Guns.
  • Red And Party When playing Jedi Survivor for the first time, the colors of the lightsabers are off.
  • These colors can be unlocked by completing the game once and starting Jedi Survivor from scratch.New Journey +“Mood
  • gave New Journey + The game mode also provides new perks for players.
  • These benefits include:

All colors of the lightsaber in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Like Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order, Star Wars Jedi Survivor also allows us to customize our gear using the workbench. In Star Wars Jedi Survivor, you gain access to a workbench inside, at the end of our first introductory mission. The Mantis Ships This is where I was able to customize my lightsabers. All colors of Star Wars Jedi Survivor, Lightsaber are as follows:

  • blue
  • green
  • purple
  • yellow
  • Sian
  • Magenta
  • Indigo
  • orange
  • white
  • Red
  • Party


Blue lightsaber
Blue lightsaber [Image Credit Copyright: eXputer]

It is the default color of a lightsaber and is associated with the Jedi Order. It represents the values ​​of peace and justice. Skilled Jedi Guardians use this type of lightsaber as a front-line defender in close combat.


Green lightsaber
Green lightsaber [Image Credit Copyright: eXputer]

The green color of the lightsaber is available immediately after you access the workbench. A green lightsaber is commonly used by Jedi, who are often associated with the Force and nature. It represents calmness, agreement and intelligence.


Purple lightsaber
Purple lightsaber [Image Credit Copyright: eXputer]

This lightsaber maintains a balance between the light and dark sides of the force. It also signifies control over both warfare and diplomacy. Jedi who value their individuality and are willing to be flexible often use this type of lightsaber.


Yellow lightsaber
Yellow lightsaber [Image Credit Copyright: eXputer]

You can get this color by accessing the first workbench on the Mantis ship on Coruscant, and it’s an uncommon color for Jedi lightsabers. It represents a commitment to protecting the Jedi Order and its secret information. This type of lightsaber is typically used by Jedi Sentinels, who are intelligent, infiltrating, and good at handling technology.


A cyan lightsaber
A cyan lightsaber [Image Credit Copyright: eXputer]

It is a variation of the blue color that represents a closer connection to the living force and a focus on the present moment. Jedi who are interested in exploring the universe and like to take risks usually use this type of lightsaber.


Magenta lightsaber
Magenta lightsaber [Image Credit Copyright: eXputer]

This type of lightsaber symbolizes enthusiasm for life and openness to embrace change. It is commonly used by Jedi who think outside the box.


Indigo lightsaber
Indigo lightsaber [Image Credit Copyright: eXputer]

This is another variation of blue. The Indigo lightsaber will also be available to you as you access the first workbench on the Mantis ship. This color of the lightsaber represents the Jedi, who are reflective and possess wisdom.


Orange lightsaber
Orange lightsaber [Image Credit Copyright: eXputer]

It is one of the least used colors of lightsabers by the Jedi. It means being enthusiastic and calm and willing to learn from others. This type of lightsaber is usually assigned to the Jedi, who are kind and modest.


White lightsaber
White lightsaber [Image Credit Copyright: eXputer]

White lightsabers are considered among the rarest and most powerful lightsabers in the Star Wars universe. Was the only Jedi to wield a white lightsaber. Ahsoka Tano. A white lightsaber symbolizes peace, purity and new beginnings.


Red lightsaber
Red lightsaber [Image Credit Copyright: eXputer]

This color of the lightsaber represents anger, aggression and the Jedi yearning to dominate the universe. These lightsabers are mostly used by dark side users. However, when you access Workbench for the first time, this color will be locked.


For players who can’t decide which color to choose for their lightsaber. Star Wars Jedi Survivor Provides a specific color option for them. A party or rainbow lightsaber is a mix of the other ten colors. On each swing, the lightsaber will change its color. However, this color option is also locked.

How to unlock red and party lightsabers in Jedi Survivor?

As I mentioned above in the guide, the red and party colors provided for the Kyber Crystal are locked and unavailable in the first journey of Jedi Survivor. Follow these instructions to unlock Red and Party lightsabers:

  • To unlock the red and party lightsabers, you must complete Star Wars Jedi Survivor at least once.
  • After completion, go to main menu.
  • In the main menu, a new game option will be available, called, “New Journey +
  • Click the New Journey Plus option, and your game will start over from scratch.
  • However, this time you will gain access to new lightsaber colors,Red“And”Party
  • You’ll also have access to new perks, including:

The final take

With all the information provided above, our guide on Star Wars Jedi Survivor All lightsaber colors get over Weapon customization has always been an important part of the game, and Star Wars Jedi Survivor When it comes to gear customization, the latter doesn’t seem to be lacking. Thus, it allows players to fully customize their gear using the workbench.

Additionally, if you’re one of those players interested in exploring the universe of Star Wars Jedi Survivor, be sure to check out our guide on Star Wars Jedi Survivor All Planets and Locations, as it’s a star May be helpful during the search. Universe of Wars.


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