Star Wars Jedi Survivor: Abandoned Shack Walkthrough


Star Wars Jedi Survivor has some really elite locations that are easy to miss and there are a lot of them. Tons Of loot I door 2 Of Star Wars Jedi Survivor, I discovered a rumor to investigate. “The Abandoned Shack.” Now the game has named side quests. “Rumors” And these so-called ruminations may sound like a bit of a drag, but they’re super fun. They have a special reward for us at the end.

Key takeaways

  • Rumors Are these side quests that can be completed to earn rewards in Star Wars Jedi Survivor?
  • You should meet. Prospector I The stables “Distributed Abandoned Shack” to explore.
  • Mount the Neko And jumped from him to the blue back wall.
  • Use the BD-1 to hack the console. Roller Mines
  • force Pull and push the roller mine. Melted door of Katya.
  • You will receive a steam canister from Yellow chest It increases within “More Stims”,
  • to gain Map Upgrade: Chest, You have to follow the right path down. Phone Q Cures.

Before starting: To reach this level and for the Star Wars Jedi Survivor portion, one must complete Chapter 2 of The Forest Array In Koboh quest line. In it, I opened the door to the Forest Array, reached the Forest Array, moved through Tanalur, defeated Dagan Gera, and then checked on the Mantis.

Exploring the rumor

Investigate the Banded Shack Discovery in Star Wars JEdi Survivor
Meet the prospector

After I have done all the conditions I mentioned, I will just come back from the forest range. It will happen in everything. Rambler’s Outpost, Which is also an excellent area for looting. An uncharted territory of “stable” will appear, and a man will be ready to talk about the spooky abandoned shack inside the stables. Its title will appear as “The Prospector,” And he will tell us about Qi’s workshop.

This “Qi’s Workshop” Actually that’s where I want to investigate. As soon as I talk to the prospector, I will have discovered. Rumor

Going to Rumor.

Moving towards the hut.
Gliding over an abandoned hut

Now once I’ve discovered a rumor I can open the map and find it listed on the map. It will appear on the far north side of the Rambler’s Reach Outpost. The region is called “Foothill waterfall” It would be an unexplored area far north where I would run or walk if I wanted to. After traversing the hills, I will reach a zip line that will take me down to the foothills of Koboh.

To get to the abandoned hut, I have to tame one. Realtor Best. It will be said at the end of the cliff as soon as I fall into Foothill Falls I will see it. I should use this to head over to Rumors and start investigating the abandoned shack in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. Open the main door of the hut. Force push.

Investigate the Abandoned Shack

Investigating the Abandoned Katya in Star Wars Jedi Survivor
The location of the rumor on the holographic map

Now Foothill Falls isn’t a huge area to explore, but it has a lot of important loot that should be explored. To complete the rumour, I must enter. Abandoned hut And strangely, almost open Melted door. To do this, I need to drill a small hole. Parkour in the surrounding area. I have to find a way to open the door and get the loot I want from this rumour.

Growing up

Nico in Star Wars
Using Niko to Super Jump

Now to start drilling, I have to search Neko And use it to climb further to the upper level of the foothills. Now I must go past the hut to the tunnel opening to the right. After following the tunnel, there will be a small pool of water, and near the edge of it Pond I stumble upon Nico. Go past Mount Nico and the hut. Blue back wall. I will Super jump Away from the creatures to stay away from the wall on the upper level.

Unlocking Roller Mines

Hacking the console
Cutting the BD-1 console

After I arrived Upstairs Of the area, I have to swing past. Barrier poles And on to the next platform. The next platform is the most important part of the whole rumor. I will use the BD-1 to hack it after communicating with the console. It will fall into pieces and Heck gave Consolation Technical will produce one from the bottom of the hole Roller mine Which starts moving towards us.

Now what you need to understand is that you cannot touch it Roller mine. Instead, you and I will use this bot for ourselves. Benefit And let him follow us.

Opening the molten door

Yellow chest in game
Yellow chest with steam canister

Once it starts chasing me, I’ll jump over the hut and into the small hole on the roof. Now I’ll just force the roller mine towards me. before it explodes, Pushes forcefully. Roller mine, no Melted door. This will be the moment when the roller mine explodes and opens the closed molten door. Once you’re inside the small room, you’ll find one. Yellow chest.

Rumor fulfillment

The Abandoned Shack investigation is completed in Star Wars Jedi Survivor.
Completion of “Investigate the Abandoned Shack”.

Now interact with the chest, and you’ll get one Stim Cannister. This will really help you further in the gameplay. This is because it will increase the Stim-Cannister. Max Stems which you can use during battles. I could tell you more about Jedi Survivor, and you’d be thankful you had that extra canister slot to heal yourself. But yes, once I open the yellow chest I will complete it. “Investigate the Abandoned Kite” Rumor

Map Upgrade Chest

Map upgrade in-game
Map Upgrade: Chest Complete

Now this part of the article do not have Really Related For rumor competition. However, this is an important part because we will discover a BD-1 upgrade. This upgrade will allow you to see all of them. Unopened chests, stem upgrades, And BD-1 Upgrade On the holographic map. This is a really important upgrade to fully complete the exploration of certain map areas on different planets in Star Wars Jedi Survivor.

To upgrade this map, I must go to the basement bulkhead cellar by the hut. From there, I have to follow the path. Phone Q Cures In Star Wars Jedi Survivor. Go inside and follow the straight path through the tunnel. From there, I must watch out for exploding orbs and keep going until I reach it. Map upgrade Section room.

wrap up

So this is the easiest way for you. Investigate the abandoned hut. And get the Stim Canister. After completing the rumour, try to go down. Phone Q Cures Jedi Survivor in Star Wars. Getting map upgrades will help you complete the full game as quickly as possible. If you want to know how old the main character is. Cal Indeed, check out our guide on it. Also, check out our complete list of organization sets.


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