Stalk the Spencer Mansion as a solid snake in this Resident Evil mode.


Modding is the gift that keeps on giving, as a modder named “Aydan Watkins” has incorporated the famous “Solid Snake” from the Metal Gear Solid games into one of the most unexpected games imaginable: Resident Evil. Evil 1.

Key takeaways:

  • Modder Aydan Watkins is working on a mod that adds the iconic Solid Snake to the world of Resident Evil.
  • Various touches from the Metal Gear Solid games are included, such as Snake’s iconic death screen and Game Over Screen from the original Metal Gear Solid.
  • Resident Evil continues to foster a dedicated and enthusiastic modding community.

Aydan Watkins has previously created Different methods For classic Resident Evil games, from total conversions to model swaps. However, his most recent mod brings back the iconic soldier to trek through the zombie-infested hallways of the Spencer Mansion.

Some of Aidan’s other works include total changes such as Resident Evil Deep Freeze and Resident Evil Containment for Resident Evil 2 and 1 respectively.

Even the oldest games in the RE series thrive today not only because of an enduring legacy, but also because of the fantastic modding community that keeps these games alive through sheer love and dedication.

And while Metal Gear Solid as a series has largely fallen by the wayside, it continues to experience representation through such fan contributions.

In their heyday, both sports were pioneers of something completely new and special.

Whereas Resident Evil ushered in a whole new genre as the game literally begins with that phrase.Enter survival horror.Metal Gear Solid was a game changer that redefined both stealth gameplay and storytelling in 1998.

While its PC counterpart, Thief, was more subtle and immersive, taking the fantasy of being a thief and pushing it to the limit. Metal Gear Solid was about this great Hollywood spectacle, like playing through a Mission Impossible movie but more of a family drama.

Meanwhile, Resident Evil introduced A very specific brand of horror that was less about killing hordes of monsters and more about careful exploration, resource management and puzzle solving.

Instead of recklessly shooting monsters, you were forced to choose when to pick a fight and when to run away from enemies.

It’s great to see people bringing these two popular franchises together for such an interesting crossover.

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