Spotify enables faster access on iPhone with a new lock screen widget.


Spotify iPhone Lock Screen Widget

Music streaming giant Spotify What has been released? A new lock screen widget for iPhone that allows quick app access. This feature is available to all users but only works on iPhones running iOS 16 or later.

To add the Spotify widget to your lock screen, you can tap and hold your lock screen and then tap Customize. Next, select the Lock Screen option on the left and tap on Added Widgets on the following screen. If Spotify is not visible in the list of widgets, try updating the app to the latest version, i.e. v8.8.26.

Alternatively, you can also add the Spotify widget to your iPhone’s lock screen by going to Settings and then tapping on Wallpaper.

Spotify iPhone Lock Screen Widget

In a separate piece of news, Spotify What is the announcement? A new publishing tool called Broadcast-to-Podcast (B2P) converts existing radio broadcasts into on-demand podcasts. B2P traces its roots to Australia-based platform Whooshkaa, which was acquired by Spotify back in 2021. This tool is available to publishers who have a Megaphone (Spotify’s podcasting platform) account.

Recently, the streaming service also announced in-app integration with fitness app Strava. Both free and paid Strava users can listen to Spotify music while tracking their workout sessions.


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