Sony sold 264.2 million games in fiscal 2022, 67% of which are digital units.


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  • Of the 264.2 million games sold by Sony in fiscal year 2022, 67% were digital purchases.
  • The figure was even higher, 70%, for the most recent quarter 4.
  • In addition, the company plans to sell 43.5 million first-party titles by FY2022.

According to a recent release from the company Annual Financial Report for Fiscal Year 2022, Sony sold a staggering 264.2 million video games, of which 43.5 million were first-party studio titles. What’s even more interesting is that 67% of software sales in fiscal year 2022 were entirely digital, with physical copies accounting for only 33%. Digital sales seem to have become even more dominant in the fourth quarter.

Digital sales have been dominating the industry for some time now and this is further proof of their supremacy. Only in 2022, 89.5% of video game purchases were digital. While only a paltry 10.5% was physical sales. For console games, the number slightly outstrips physical releases but still digital sales Dominating with 72 percent. In Britain, one of the largest gaming markets on earth, nine out of every ten video games sold were digital.

These impressive sales numbers resulted in FY2022 Q4 being PlayStation’s highest quarterly revenue in any Q4. When you consider how Sony sold 6.3 million PlayStation 5 units this quarter, that’s no surprise. The number of PlayStation Plus users also increased once again in Q4. More than 47.4 million people now subscribe to the service, up from 1 million. 46.4 million in the third quarter.

Additionally, this is also an increase of 1 million year-on-year and shows a resurgence in subscribers. fell in Q2.. Although monthly active users on PSN fell to 108 million from 112 million in Q3, they showed an increase of 2 million year-over-year. So, PlayStation was firing on all fronts this quarter, especially in console sales, which exceeded Sony’s expectations.

The company initially expected the console to sell 19 million units in the current fiscal year, but it fared slightly better with 19.1 million sales. The driving force behind this was sales of more than 6.3 million PlayStation 5 units in Q4, breaking a long-standing record. The PS5 is now the best-selling console in history during the January to March period thanks to its Q4 sales, which increased by 4.3 million units year-over-year.

Compared to last year, this is a huge increase as it sold only 11.5 million units in FY2021. In total, the PlayStation 5 has now amassed over 38.4 million sales, just 1.6 million fewer than the PS4 in the same period. Overall, Sony made 1.21 trillion yen in operating profit and 11.5 trillion yen in revenue this fiscal year, exceeding its own forecast.

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