Sony PlayStation 5 console sales hit 19.1 million in fiscal year 2022.


Playstation 5 with DualSense controller

Sony has published its financial results where it has shown a sharp increase in PS5 sales. Sony started the 2022 fiscal year with 2.4 million units of PlayStation 5 sold worldwide in Q1, surpassing 20 million units sold year-to-date, and 3.3 million units sold this quarter. Moved to Q2 with units.

After stripping out inventory and parts shortages, PlayStation 5 sales hit a record 7.1 million units in Q3, more than double the previous quarter. It ended the year with 6.3 million units in Q4. Its total number was 19.1 million, equaling its lifetime sales prior to that year. There may be more on this. Found in the report here.

The high volume movement of PS5 inventory has increased overall PlayStation market share globally by 23.29% to 87.79%. According to Statista. The closest competitor was Xbox, which ended the year with a 12.15% share.

During the pandemic, high-quality chips were in short supply. Sony ramped up production of PS4 consoles to deal with PS5 chip shortages. This drove up prices and reduced sales, and the PS5 was hard to find. President Jim Ryan first told an IGN reporter during CES 2023,

“Everyone who wants a PS5 should have a much easier time finding a retailer globally, going forward at this point.”

Overcoming this chip shortage has been a driving factor behind the rapid increase in sales and growth.

Source: Sony through IGN


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