Sony hires ex-Apple executive to revamp PlayStation Store


  • Ben King, a former Apple Services division executive, will now serve as senior VP of direct-to-consumer under Sony Interactive Entertainment after more than 12 years with Apple.
  • Ben King will primarily handle industry projects directly from other Sony customers, as well as the PlayStation Store.
  • The vice president will ensure the PS Store continues to improve by delivering personalized experiences, creating financial opportunities for games studio partners, and the like.
  • The community has celebrated the occasion, calling it a good sign for the PlayStation Store. We can finally see many of the awaited features coming to the storefront.

The PlayStation Store is Sony’s hub for its consoles offering a wide range of products for gamers to enjoy. It is frequently visited by PlayStation users and continues to gain popularity due to its growing list of features. However, the store is also home to various issues that affect the user experience by reducing quality and creating annoying bugs.

Sony is reportedly working to improve the player experience, and it recently made a move that could dramatically change the PS Store as we know it. A significant increase has been seen in the sports fund. Sony has apparently hired former Apple executive Ben King to work on revamping the PlayStation Store.

As Reported by Variety.The former Apple executive will now serve as senior VP of direct-to-consumer under Sony Interactive Entertainment, where he will manage the rest of PlayStation’s direct-to-consumer industry, as well as the PlayStation Store. Ben has a wealth of experience in this field having worked for Apple for over 12 years.

Ben King sang the praises of the PlayStation Store, saying “has become one of the most visited digital media stores on the planet.Additionally, the former executive is looking to deepen relationships with customers and improve the store both financially and in the customer experience.

This gives us a unique opportunity to think creatively about our relationship with our customers, helping them get the most out of the PlayStation ecosystem, as well as our games studio partners. also create financial opportunities for,” noted Ben King.

The senior VP has also discussed several ways to expand the PS Store. A former Apple executive tries to “Better serve your community by providing more personalized experiences, helping each customer discover the best entertainment for them, through the right channel, at the right time.

The community has celebrated Sony’s alliance with the former Apple executive, claiming it’s a good sign of things to come for the store. Ben King has an impressive track record since he worked at Apple and developed various international growth strategies as an executive of the Apple Services division.

Additionally, the PlayStation Store is already following a successful path, recently releasing the ability to create personalized PS Store gift cards to bestow upon others. Ben King may finally be able to fulfill gamers’ biggest wish, the ability to gift games to friends from PlayStation consoles.

Sony’s store has also started dealing with similar issues.jumping games,which has haunted the dark corners of the store for thousands of years. It looks like the store is still somewhat stocked with these games, but it will start to run out soon.

What are your thoughts on former Apple executive Sony joining hands to further improve and develop the PlayStation Store? Do you think the PS Store will see radical changes under Ben King’s expertise? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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