Sons of Forest Patch 4 brings massive AI improvements, GPS changes and more.


Highlights of the story

  • Sons of the Forest has received its fourth patch. The update fixes a large number of bugs and inconsistencies while introducing AI improvements and other quality-of-life adjustments.
  • The game is currently in early access, which means we can expect more inconsistencies as the developers continue to polish their product.

The latest update of Sons of the Forest brings a lot of new features and adjustments, as well as quite a few bug fixes. gave Patch notes Describe the implementation of AI improvementsthe ability to Name your save games.and addition of one New action camera which, along with the first of these videos, is used to view videos of more upcoming footage in the future.

It is also stated that Log sled will be back. According to the notes, it is almost ready and will be added in the next patch. In addition, other new features include a new point of interest and pop-up messages when a player is kicked or banned from the game. The list of new features ends with these additions. However, the update also aims to improve several existing elements of Sons of the Forest.

General fixes in Sons of the Forest Patch 04

A wide range of aspects of the game have been improved in the latest update of Sons of the Forest. gave shine Night vision goggles have been added, and Calvin is now able to carry them. Two logs At a time. In addition, new animations have been introduced for different types of enemies. More places were added in the villages for Cannibals Standing or sitting next to it.

Sons of the Forest - New Features and Improvements in Patch 04
New Features and Improvements in Sons of the Forest – Patch 04

Moreover New visuals were added for leather animals. They are specifically mentioned. Rabbit, The squirrel, The eagle, The duck, SeagullAnd Earth tortoise. Other enhancements include the presence of The duck On the golf course, a north arrow guide to the minimap, Bloody clothes For dead cultists, better LOD For armor racks, and the light In the residential bunker.

Furthermore, the GPS The map has been updated to include all existing ponds and lakes. Location pins are also done. Removed Opening cutscene from the laptop screen. In addition to these changes, the latest update for Sons of the Forest introduces several others. Quality of life and aesthetic improvements.

Bug fixes in patch 04

A large number of bugs have also been fixed to improve the overall stability of the game and provide a more smooth experience. Game performance issues when switching from empty Slingshot Another ranged weapon, the Lone Life Jacket floating In the sky, there are more players Not drinkable Water depth has been corrected. There will also be prepared spears. Not anymore Fall through the cave floor.

Also, initialization issues are affected. DLSS Activation has been resolved. The player is leaning while riding. Knight vWhen small stones fall through the ground to bounce A level off, a silenced pistol shot could be heardDuring the player’s case stuck. Skinning Many other bugs related to action, and gameplay have been fixed. As of patch 04, audio inconsistencies have also been fixed.

Sons of the Forest is currently in Early Access on Steam.

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