Sonic Speed ​​Simulator Update Log & Patch Notes (Full)


We have full Sonic Speed ​​Simulator Update log and patch notes detailing all the latest events, bug fixes, hotfixes and content added to the game.

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A full update log for the game can also be found at the Sonic Top Fan Club Discord server.

Sale and more?!

◉ All hoverboards are now on sale within Green Hill!
◉ All Sonic Riders skins on sale!

:sonic~1:Jewel Rush Event!:coolsonic:

◉ New Prime Rouge unlockable skin!
◉ New Miner Chao to unlock!
◉ New Prime Rouge Trail to unlock!
◉ New Premium Prime Sonic skin!
◉ New Premium Pink Moonstone Chao!

:sonic~1:3X XP Event!:coolsonic:


:sonic~1:Sonic Snow Ventures Event!!🌨️

◉ New Winter Sonic unlockable skin!
◉ New Snow Hoverboard to unlock!
◉ New Snowboarder Chao to unlock!
◉ New Snowflake Trail to unlock!
◉ New Premium Yeti Chao!

:sonic~1:3X Event!:chaos_emeralds:


:tails:NEW SHOP ITEMS!!!🎄

◉ Previous Nine + Santa Sonic update is still out, so get them while you can!
◉ 2 new Christmas themed Chao in the workshop store
◉ Reindeer Knuckles is now available in the workshop store
◉ Jolly Trail for purchase within the store
◉ Super Skin Sale STILL GOING with 10+ characters available to purchase

:egman:EGMAS HAS COME!!!🎄

◉ 3 new Character Skins, including NINE!!!
◉ 4 new Chao
◉ New Santa's Sleigh Mount!
◉ Super Skin Sale with 10+ characters available to purchase

:sonic~1:3X Event!:chaos_emeralds:


:sonic~1:RB Wars!:coolsonic:

◉ New RB Battles Obby!
◉ Secret New Character Skin Card!

:sonic~1:Sonic Prime!:egman:

🍿 Be one of the first to see Netflix's newest animated series, Sonic Prime, BEFORE It's available on Netflix on December 15th!

👀 Participate in a fully immersive watch party and unlock a free limited edition UGC item!

🏃 Play in the all NEW New Yoke TAG Arena to progress through the event, unlocking Sonic (New Yoke Style) and Rusty Rose!

◉ Brand new premium Prism Chao!

:sonic~1:Weekend Update – Weekend of Multiplied Madness!:coolsonic:

◉ 4X Code Drops throughout the weekend, starting with "1morefanpt1" and "1morefanpt2"
◉ 3X Rings over the weekend
◉ 3X XP over the weekend
◉ Reintroduced Kunoichi Amy event due to popular demand

:2sonic:Weekend Update – Espio Insight!:coolsonic:

◉ Black Friday Sale!
◉ New Espio unlockable skin!
◉ New Water Ninja Chao to unlock!
◉ New Espio Blur Trail to unlock!
◉ Premium Chef Amy skin and Samurai Chao!

:coolsonic:Midweek Update – New Daily Challenges!:chaos_emeralds:

◉ NEW Daily Challenges featuring TWO Classic-series Hoverboards!

:2sonic:Weekend Update – Shinobi Strike!🥷

◉ New Kunoichi Amy unlockable skin!
◉ New Fire Ninja Chao to unlock!
◉ New Jitsu Trail to unlock!
◉ Premium Samurai Chao!

:chaos_emeralds:Midweek Update – Time Trial!:2sonic:

◉ 3 New Time Trials In Diamond Terminal!

🏃‍♂️Weekend Update – Cyber ​​Space Chase!🤚

◉ Brand new TAG gamemode!
◉ New Frontiers Sonic unlockable skin!
◉ New Sprout Koco Pet to unlock!
◉ Cyber Energy Trail to unlock!
◉ Premium Treasure Hunter Knuckles Skin and Koco Mask Chao!

:2sonic:Midweek Update – Daily + Trials!:chaos_emeralds:

◉ 2 new Time Trials in Green Hill!
◉ New Daily Challenges featuring Classic Blue Star and Classic Red Rock hoverboards!

:2sonic:Weekend Update – Detective Tails!:2 tails:

Sonic has vanished, leaving behind Digital Footprints all over Green Hill. Tails want to find out what happened to his best friend, so he needs your help!

◉ New unlockable Detective Tails and Golden Metal Sonic 3.0 character!
◉ New Detective Chao and purchasable Detective Tails Chao to unlock with unique Event Buff Stats!
◉ New Plaid Trail to unlock!
◉ Part 1 of 2

:2sonic:Midweek Update – Green Hill Time Trial! Patch notes :chaos_emeralds:

◉ New Green Hill Time Trial, get the final Halloween reward from it!
◉ Testing new time trial in Green Hill with level locking!
◉ New Halloween Chao!
◉ Boosted candy rewards for time trials!
◉ Ability to fly Tornado in Pumpkin Hill!
◉ New login offers for non-paid and paid players!

:2sonic:Weekend Update – Unleash the Beast!:caveman_sonic: Patch notes

Sonic gets fully infected with the Dark Gaia energy and completes his transformation. In dire need of controlling his inner beast, he asks you to collect Sun & Moon medals that have the power of taming feral beasts.

◉ New unlockable Werehog character & purchasable Witch Rouge character!
◉ New Vampire Sonic, Spice Latte and Mummy Chao to unlock!
◉ New Pumpkin and Trick O' Treat Trail to unlock!
◉ New Halloween Tornado mount!

:coolsonic:Midweek Update – Spooky Sale!:chaos_emeralds: Patch notes

◉ UGC Item Sale!
◉ New Pumpkin Hill Chao & Trail Vendor!
◉ 5 New Chaos!
◉ New Voltaic Trail!

🧙Weekend Update – Rogue’s Cauldron Quest!🧙‍♀️ Patch notes

Help Witch Rouge cure a friend in need by gathering ingredients!

◉ New Unlockable Witch Rouge and Gothic Amy!
◉ New Witch Chao, Moonlight Chao and Gold Pumpkin Chao!
◉ New Spider Trail and Ghost Trail!

🧛 Midweek Update – New Daily + Sale! 🦇 Patch Notes

◉ New Daily Challenges introducing Vampire Sonic!
◉ Spooky New Silver Pumpkin Chao!
◉ New Sale including 2nd chance to get Riders Tails, Riders Rouge, and Fake Metal Tails!

(3X+World!) Bonus Round! Patch notes

3X XP Event is now live, should be available for the next 48 hours so grab that bonus XP while it's hot!

and yes, Pumpkin Hill and it's Pumpkin Panic event is still live as well

🎃Weekend Update – Pumpkin Hill!👻 Patch notes

Help Skeleton Knuckles explore the spooky Pumpkin Hill in a brand new story!

◉ All New Pumpkin Hill Zone
◉ New Unlockable Skeleton Knuckles
◉ New Spooky Items in Amy's Event Shop!
◉ New Magic Broom Hoverboard
◉ New Full Moon Chao, Candy Corn Chao, and Scarecrow Chao
◉ New Jack-O'-Lantern Trail and Candy Corn Trail

:2sonic:Midweek Update – New Race!:chaos_emeralds: Patch notes

◉ New Emerald Hill Race Map!

🍬Weekend Update – Ghosts!👻 Patch notes

◉ New unlockable Reaper Metal Sonic and Fake Metal Sonic Skin!
◉ Earn Candy and use it to buy cool rewards!
◉ New Boo Bash Event!
◉ New Bone Trail!
◉ New Pumpkin Chao, Skull Chao, and Spirit Chao!
◉ New Halloween Shop!
◉ Halloween Themed Map!

:chaos_emeralds:Midweek Update – 3X XP & Fake Metal Tails!:2 tails: Patch notes

◉ New Daily Challenges introducing Fake Metal Tails!
◉ New 3X XP event!

:2 Fists:Weekend Update – Metals!:2Metalsonic: Patch notes

A strange mysterious meteor crashed into Green Hill with specimens of unknown origin. Help Tails beat Dr. Eggman in recovering the necessary parts of these mysterious specimens before he does.

◉ New unlockable Fake Metal Knuckles Skin!
◉ New Velvet Chao and Premium Metal Sonic Chao!
◉ New Metal Blur Trail to unlock!

:sonicbig:Midweek Update – New Chemical Plant Master Chao!:tails shrug: Patch notes

◉ New Chemical Plant Master Chao!
◉ Twenty brand new Chaos and 4 new Trails in Chemical Plant!
◉ More orb spawns for Riders Amy event!

:2 Eggman:Weekend Update – Rescue!:2 Amy: Patch notes

◉ New zone, Metal City Skatepark!
◉ New exotic Pocky pet!
◉ New premium Blue Star II hoverboard!
◉ Permanent event along with Metal City race!

:coolsonic:Midweek Update – 2X Rings + Daily!:chaos_emeralds: Patch notes

◉ DOUBLE Rings for 3 days!
◉ New Daily Challenges with new rewards, including Riders Rouge!

:2sonic:Metal City:coolsonic: Patch notes

Jet the Hawk has a tendency to show off and let his ego get out of control, win him on the new metal city race and show him who is the boss!

◉ New Metal City Race!
◉ Collect Jet the Hawk as a playable character!
◉ New Classic Type-J and Metal Star Hoverboard to unlock!
◉ Collect the new Circuit and Jet Chao!
◉ New Turbo Trail to unlock!

:2 tails:Midweek Update – New Race!:2sonic: Patch notes

Compete against your friends on the new Snow Valley race map!

◉ New Snow Valley Race!

:chaos_emeralds:JET’S BET!:coolsonic: Patch notes

Jet wants to compete with you, win all of Jet's challenges to unlock new chaos and hoverboards!

◉ Unlock the new TYPE-J and Potential and Magic Carpet hoverboard including the new Special Edition Blue Star hoverboard!
◉ New Smoldering trail to unlock!
◉ Unlock the new Racer and Karate Chao!
◉ New UGC items available now!
◉ Part 1 of 2

:coolsonic:Flash Sale + 2X Experience:AAAA: Patch notes

Hey everyone! 

Now's your chance to get Classic Sonic, who will only be on sale for a single day! We are also having a 2X Experience event alongside the flash sale, so make sure you go and grind those levels!

🦇Rouge Heist!💎 Patch notes

After proving yourself to Rouge the Bat, she has arrived in Green Hill with a thrilling expedition for you to take part in! Help Rouge the Bat "liberate" precious jewels from a secure facility and she'll join you on your adventures!

◉ Unlock Rouge the Bat as a playable character
◉ Brand new zone: Diamond Terminal
◉ Introducing Stealth Suit Chao and the exclusive Rouge Chao
◉ New Pink Bat Trail
◉ Reworked Daily Challenge system that should resolve all previous issues
◉ New UGC items available now!

:coolsonic:Midweek Update – New Green Hill Race and more!:chaos_emeralds: Patch notes

◉ New Green Hill inspired race!
◉ HILL TOP has returned! Featuring under half the part count as before, both Hill Top and Chemical Plant have received extreme optimization passes to ensure a quality gameplay experience on both community favorite maps.

:chrome:Chrome Quest🦇 Patch notes

You have been contacted by a mysterious figure! She has tasked you with some objectives, prove yourself in order to join her on her next "expedition"!

◉ Chrome Metal Sonic skin
◉ 2 new Chao, Jewel Pearl Chao and the exclusive Ninja Chao!
◉ Part 1 of 2

:surprised:New Master Chao!:chaos_emeralds: Patch notes

Collect all Lost Valley Chaos to unlock the new Lost Valley Master Chao!

◉ New Lost Valley Master Chao
◉ Bug fixes

:coolsonic:Big and Knuckles go camping!🐟 Patch notes


Big wants to go camping with Knuckles, but Knuckles is not interested. Big knows that Knuckles likes grapes, and he needs your help to collect enough grapes to convince Knuckles to go with him!

◉ Unlock Camper Knuckles & Angler Big as a playable character!
◉ Collect two new types of Chao: Traveller Chao and the legendary Fisherman Chao.
◉ New Bubble Trail to collect!
◉ New VIP Gamepass! (VIP Chat Tag + A Special Golden NameTag + VIP Trail + 20% Discount On Enchantments)

:surprised:Mid-Week Update – Emerald Hill Obi!:coolsonic: Patch notes

Try to beat your friends in this new multi path Emerald Hill Obby!

◉ Added a new Emerald Hill obby!
◉ Moved Freestyle Riders update to Emerald Hill.

:2 tails: Save Classic Tiles! :2 Eggman: Patch notes


Help Modern Tails restore his dimensional counterpart by finding shards of the Time Stone and set things right in Green Hill!

◉ Unlock Classic Tails as a playable character!
◉ Collect two new types of Chao: Tails Chao and the exclusive Tiki Chao.
◉ New Lightning Thunder Trail to collect!
◉ New Daily Challenges available to do all week long!
◉ Sonic Hat UGC 50% off!
◉ Don't forget that you can experience previous updates including Freestyle Riders, Tornado Assault, Find Froggy, and Metal Madness! Find their themed areas to earn their rewards!

Midweek update?! Patch notes

Compete against your friends and bitter rivals in an all new Hill Top race map!

◉ Added Hill Top Race
◉ Enabled the use of mounts (hoverboards and Tornado) in races

:2sonic: Freestyle Riders! :2 Fists: Patch notes

Show Knuckles you have what it takes to master the new hoverboard. Prove your worth and maybe he'll even give you some cool new gear!

◉ Introducing a completely new kind of mount, HOVERBOARDS!
◉ Collect 'em all! - Amy's Pink Rose, Tails' Yellow Tail, Knuckles' Red Rock, and Sonic's Blue Star!
◉ Earn Riders Knuckles as an update exclusive skin.
◉ Collect two new types of Chao: Riders Chao and the exclusive Techno Chao.
◉ World 5 is UNDER CONSTRUCTION! Stay tuned for more information.
◉ Event Enchantment is back in action! Find Froggy update has been balanced accordingly, now with increased points towards underwater creatures!

🐸Find the frog!:2 Eggman: Patch notes

The evil Eggman has frognapped the one and only Froggy! Help Big the Cat by finding Froggy and defeating the evil Badniks in the all new World 1.5, Green Reef!

◉ Introducing the NEW World 1.5, Green Reef. Fight Badniks and survive underwater in this all new mini world!
◉ Earn Froggy as a companion and Big the Cat as a playable character!
◉ New Golden Tornado for sale with 20% more speed!
◉ Dark Aquatic Chao is back with the new premium Marine Chao!
◉ Connector obbies have been REMOVED! Freely travel from world to world, if they're unlocked of course!

🛩️☁️Fly with aviator tails!:2 tails::2 Eggman: Patch notes

Eggman has sent an army of Badniks to take over Green Hills, will you fly with Aviator Tails and help defend your world?

◉ Fly for the freedom of Green Hill against Eggman's Badnik invasion!
◉ New MOUNT system that allows you to fly the Tornado in all worlds!!!
◉ Earn Aviator Tails as a new playable character
◉ 5 new Chao and 3 new Trails to collect!
◉ Aerial Assault, Mach Madness and Mechanic Tails are PERMANENT updates! Find them all at their homes in Green Hills!

Metal Returns Patch Notes


Pit yourself against Metal Sonic in the improved Stardust Speedway! Face off against his futuristic self - Metal Sonic Mach 3.0 and earn all new rewards! 

◉ Race against Metal Sonic to earn him as a playable character
◉ Race against the all new Metal Sonic Mach 3.0 to earn him as a playable character
◉ 6 unlockable Chao - Neon Sakura, Neon Lime, Neon Orange, Jewel Amethyst, Jewel Citrine and Jewel Jasper
◉ Several QoL improvements

Mechanic Tails!:2 tails:🔧 Patch notes

After helping reprogram Metal, Mechanic Tails has been working hard on powering up the rewards for Obbies! Complete obbies in the target time to earn free spins on the wheel, plus find Tools in the worlds. Find enough to unlock Mechanic Tails!
- Mechanic Tails Character
- New Exclusive Armorer Chao
- 3 New Spin Wheels
- 12 New Chao
- 7 New Trails
- Balloons and Crates rewards Rings!

Sky Obi😎 Patch notes

If you haven't noticed, the Sky Obby is now available! (we apologize for the previous issue). Climb to the top! If you're able to complete the obby you'll come across a dispenser containing the Epic Sunshine Trail! 🌞 

Fireworks Festival! Patch notes

🎆 Celebrate the long holiday weekend with a firework show in Green Hill! Help celebrate by shooting off as many fireworks as you can! 🎆

◉ Spin Dash or Jump Dash to break Crates of Fireworks to shoot off your own sparks! 
◉ Collect Fireworks to earn rewards 🎇 
◉ New Character Skin - Adventure Knuckles :2Knuckles: 
◉ New Character Skin - Summer Amy :2Amy: 
◉ New Spin Wheel rewards - Free spins every 2 hours! :thinkspin: 
◉ New Exclusive Premium Chao - Strawberry Scoop Chao! Has the Power Buff!
◉ New Exclusive Event Chao - Neon Red Chao

Midweek Sale! Patch notes

To celebrate the end of Sonic's birthday month we're doing a 31% off character sale in the Green Hill Lobby. You'll also have a chance to grab Sonic's Limited time Birthday Hat. All will be gone at 12pm PST Friday! 

◉ Spin Wheel improvements
◉ Characters on sale: Sailor Tails, Amy, Summer Sonic, Stealth Suit Sonic
◉ Limited-time UGC Party Hat

Sonic Birthday Bash! Patch notes

It's Sonic's 31st birthday party! Eggman is jealous and placed his own crates and balloons around every world. Spin Dash or Jump Dash to destroy them and help Sonic have the best birthday ever! 🥳 

◉ Tails came to party in his plane, "Tornado"! After players in a server jumps through enough Sky Rings, Tails will fly his plane around Green Hill and drop Rings along the way! 🛩️ 
◉ Spin Dash or Jump Dash to break Eggman's Crates and Balloons to earn Gifts 🎁 
◉ Collect Gifts to earn rewards 
◉ New Character - Classic Sonic :2Sonic:
◉ New Character Skin - Birthday King Sonic
◉ Birthday Bash Spin Wheel - Free spins every 2 hours!
◉ New Exclusive Premium Chao - Sonic Chao! 
◉ 2 New Exclusive Event Chao - Gift Chao and Birthday Chao
◉ Earn extra inventory space as a reward in the event!
◉ Inventory Revamp - We optimized the inventory system. Chao and Trails now share the same inventory so we doubled your capacity and each upgrade now is +20 slots instead of +10. 

Sonic’s birthday is today! Patch notes

It's crazy to think that it's only been about 2.5 months since we released the game. We want to thank you all again for the amazing support!

PLUS it's Sonic's 31st birthday today! We're looking forward to celebrating with you all this weekend, but in the meantime, here are 2 new Chao codes for you to use! 

Find the "Redeem Codes" button in the Shop.

6/20/22 Hotfix Patch Notes

You might have noticed but we soft published a hotfix on Monday. 

What was in it:
- Performance fixes for Metal Madness
- Removed falling platforms to make start easier
- Some Metal Madness map optimizations
- General bugs and fixes

Metal Madness is here! Patch notes

Race against Metal Sonic in an ALL NEW Persistent Boss Event
◉ Help Mechanic Tails stop Eggman by reprogramming Metal Sonic
◉ New Boss Race functionality
◉ New Playable Character - Metal Sonic
◉ 3 New Exclusive Chao - Neon Sakura, Neon Lime, Neon Orange

Midweek update?! – Enchanted! Patch notes

◉ Enchantment Shrines are in the lobby of each world starting with Lost Valley (you won't find one in Green Hill!)
◉ Select your Chao and get rewarded with a random buff:
- Power = Increase Jump and Spin Dash strength
- Speed = Increases your speed
- XP = Increases XP earned
- Rings = Increases Rings earned
- Magnet = Increases the distance at which you can collect things
- Luck = Increases the chance to get rarer items from dispensers
- Event = Increases Event currency earned
◉ The Beach Party continues! Keep getting those chili dogs!

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