Some third-party Twitter apps have been broken since Thursday night.


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As of Thursday evening, third-party Twitter apps such as Tweetbot, Fenix, and Twitterrific are experiencing service outages. This made it impossible for users to view and send tweets. So far, the developers haven’t heard from Twitter about the issue.

Tweetbot co-creator Paul Haddad said on Saturday that he had not received an update from Twitter. Tweetbot became available briefly a few days later, But the app broke again. After a few hours.

Meanwhile, Twitterrific last Friday He said that he is also unaware of the situation.. “There’s been no official word from Twitter about what’s going on, but that’s not surprising since the new owner laid off employees dedicated to keeping the API up and running smoothly, including developers. evangelists who previously provided communications with third parties,” his blog said. .

Phoenix has also acknowledged this problem. Stating that they have removed the app from the Google Play Store while fixing the issue..

There has been no word from the official Twitter and Twitter support accounts regarding the matter. This led to speculation that this move by Twitter was to get rid of third-party clients. A recent report by The Information seems to confirm this, as according to internal messages they obtained access to, “The third-party app suspension is deliberate,” said a senior software engineer.

What’s more, the report also states that an employee asked when they could get a list of “approved talking points” in the case of broken third-party Twitter apps. A product marketing manager’s response reportedly said that Twitter had “started working on comms,” but that he was not yet sure when that information would be ready to be shared with developers.

However, not all third-party Twitter apps have stopped working. In our own testing, Albatross on Android continues to work as intended. Of course, the app may not be available anytime soon while we wait for any official word from Twitter.

Source: Information (paywall) through the edge

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