Some Diablo IV Early Access PlayStation gamers can’t play, but there is a workaround.


Diablo IV Player Classes

Blizzard Entertainment has allowed players who pre-order. Digital Deluxe Edition either or Final edition of their action RPG sequel Diablo IV Play the game now, ahead of its official launch on June 5. While PC and Xbox gamers have no problem signing into the game’s servers, the same cannot be said for gamers with PlayStation 4 or 5 editions.

Many of these gamers have been unable to sign in, as they have encountered an error message that says “Unable to find a valid license. Diablo IVBlizzard is aware of this issue and it appears to be an issue with Sony’s PlayStation Network rather than right now. A post on Blizzard Diablo IV Support forums states:

We’re seeing reports of PlayStation users experiencing invalid license errors. The team is currently reviewing it and will update once we have more information.

The good news is that some gamers have reported that they have fixed this error. The bad news is that it involves purchasing items. Some gamers have purchased for $1.99. Diablo IVis the in-game currency and is finally able to play the game this way.

Meanwhile, the blizzard has already arrived. Released a server-based hotfix. for all Diablo IV Here’s what the player includes:

Sorcerer Class Specialization

Flame Shield Magic

  • When Flame Shield is initially equipped in the Enchantment Slot, it is put on full cooldown.

Rogue class specialization

Inner vision

  • After Inner Sight’s infinite energy is depleted, there will be a 4 second delay before another enemy is marked.


Run skill cooldown reduction

  • This affix will no longer appear on items.


  • Monster health values ​​are increased at later global levels.

Those who pre-ordered the standard edition of the game will be able to start playing on June 5.

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