Skyrim: How to get Serana as a follower


Serana. is one of the NPC (Non-Playable Character) Introduced to the Companions Dawn Guard DLC Skyrim. I can face it Dimhollow Crypt.

Key highlights

  • Serana is one of them. Companion NPC. Followers are called followers who can follow you in Skyrim.
  • I am facing it. Dimhollow Crypt.
  • Serana boasts a High health pool And one Aggressive approach To compete.
  • She uses Magic attacks And Necromancy To aid you in battle.
  • He will have the skills. Ready As your dragon is born. The surface Top

Location of Serana in Skyrim

The players will face Serena. sleep within one Underground tomb I Dimhollow Crypt. Follow the bus important finding, And you will meet him. So, there’s a confrontation with Serana Impossible to lose. After completing she will be available as a follower. The Dawn Guard Extension.

Serana Skyrim
Tomb of Serana in Dimhollow Crypt | Photo by eXputer


Is from Serana’s family. The royal vampire his father, Lord Harkon, discovered a prophecy that would allow the vampires to conquer them. Weakness of Sun. However, Serana was needed for the prediction. Sacrifice So, Serana’s mother hides her daughter in it. Dimhollow Crypt In an attempt to save his daughter’s life.

Serana’s Abilities and Abilities

Serana boasts many. Skills and strategies To help the dragon in battle. These are

Combat approach

Serana is very high Health, With the help of which she can tank many hits from enemies. Although Serana has a high stealth stat, she takes an aggressive approach to combat. If you prefer a stealthy approach to combat, this could prove to be a disadvantage for you.

While Serana is a magic user, she can also use Elven dagger of the Close combat.

Magical abilities.

Serana uses Powerful magical abilities In combat with one magic which recharges it. Magical energy. She uses Ice Spike and Lightning Bolt To deal magical damage. As you level up your dragonborn, these abilities are also upgraded, with the name being the strongest variant. Snow storm And Chain electricity.

She can also use her vampire powers. Leech off health Opponents Serena can do too. Reviving dead enemies To aid you in battle Necromancy. The magical abilities she can unlock at every level.

Level 12

will unlock a magical ability called Serana. Ice Spike And also gain the ability to revive the dead through it. Raise the zombies.

Level 20

Once you have leveled up your Dragonborn. level 20, gave Raise the zombies. Capacity will be upgraded. Revive the corpse. This is a slightly more powerful version of the previous ability, as it creates living enemies. strong.

Level 28

After arriving Level 28 With his Dragonborn, opens Serana. Lightning magic She can use this powerful magic to attack enemies from a distance.

Level 38

As soon as your Dragonborn is at level 38, Serana’s Revive the corpse Capacity will be upgraded. Revenant. it is Very powerful Its version of necromancy is such that it resurrects fallen enemies on the rise.

Level 48

Once your dragon is spawned. Level 48Serena will receive her final upgrade. Ice Spike And Lightning I am upgraded. Snow storm And Chain electricityrespectively

Unique interactions with Serana

Serana has many. Unique interactions With the player character. These are found at various points in the story of the Dawnguard expansion.

Skyrim Serana.
Serana in Skyrim | Photo by us

Becoming a Vampire Lord

Dragonborn can ask Serana to bite them, causing them to transform into one. Vampire Lord. This interaction can be initiated earlier. Beyond death Search or after Kind decision The quest

Obtaining Bloodcursed Elven Arrows

Serana can make. Bloodthirsty Elven Arrow For dragons spawned after quests touch the sky has been completed. Shooting these arrows from Oriel’s Bow will cover the sun in darkness, making them useful in stealth.

Cure her vampirism

After completing The Dawn Guard storyline, players can ask Serena if she wants to be cured of vampirism, provided they choose the correct dialogue choice in the Dawnguard storyline. Once the players are selected. “You can be yourself again” Serana will leave to find a cure.

After a few days, he will return as a human. Players can still choose him as a follower as his combat abilities remain unchanged. However, players will not be able to become Vampire Lord Or get more. Bloodthirsty Elven Arrow.

Married to Serana in Skyrim

Players can ask for her hand in marriage, which she will always refuse. Sriyana expresses her distaste for temples and rituals, hence she refuses to marry anyone.


Skyrim is an open world RPG released by Bethesda in 2011. It is hailed as one of the best games of all time because, during 2011, no other game did what Skyrim did. It features a vast open world, a variety of constructions, and detailed writing. NPC characters. Skyrim has aged like a fine wine, which is why it is still played and loved today.

And there you have it; With our guide to Serana in Skyrim, you can gauge her abilities as a follower and develop her character as you see fit.

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