Skype gets a massive update with new personifications, natural voice translations and more.


Taras Buria


Jan 30, 2023 10:46 EST

Redesigned Skype on mobile platforms

Microsoft has a massive feature update for Skype users. Version 8.93 is rolling out to users in the stable channel on desktop and mobile operating systems, bringing the recently announced natural voice translation feature that lets you translate video calls in real-time. Leverages the powers of AI to synthesize the sound of There are better settings, new customization options, a new section with recommended content, and many other improvements that Microsoft revealed a few weeks ago.

What’s new in Skype 8.93?

Here are the changes and improvements in Skype 8.93 for Windows, Mac, Linux and Web:

Skype on Android, iPhone and iPad has received the following:

New features are rolling out gradually, which means some users will get them a little later than others. You can download Skype for desktop. From the official website. Skype for Android is available. In the Google Play Storeand Skype for iPhone and iPad In the Apple App Store.

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