Shell Energy has been named as the UK’s most complained about broadband company.


The UK’s digital regulator, Ofcom, has published new data revealing the best and worst performing broadband, mobile and landline companies between July and September 2022. It said Shell Energy was the most complained about broadband and landline company while the worst were mobile operators. BT Mobile and Virgin Mobile.

Broadband and mobile complaints recorded by Ofcom.

The data showed that Shell Energy received fewer complaints than in the previous quarter but those that did were reporting breakdowns and service issues. Meanwhile, landline customers were unhappy with how their complaints were handled by the company. The same was true for the worst mobile companies, with the main complaints being about how their complaints were handled.

Sky received the fewest complaints across the board and EE also fared well when it came to its landline service. As for mobile operators, Tesco Mobile, Sky Mobile, and EE received the fewest complaints.

“Overall levels of complaints have been consistently low in recent months, but some providers need to raise their game to match the customer service standards offered by their competitors,” Fergal Farragher, Ofcom said. Director of Consumer Protection said. “If you’re not happy with the service you’re getting, consider shopping around and going elsewhere. You can save money and get better customer service.”

Ofcom is not sitting on its hands as a result of the data, saying it will closely monitor Shell’s performance as its volume of complaints was significantly higher than those received by the competition. Ofcom is engaging with Shell and has asked it to get to grips with identifying and fixing the root cause of the problems. Hopefully, this action will result in better services for customers, in the meantime, keep Ofcom’s findings in mind when you decide to switch providers.


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