Seagate unveils new 22TB IronWolf Pro hard drive


Seagate Iron Wolf 22 TB Hard Drive

Seagate at the NAB 2023 conference today The unveiling A new addition to its lineup of high-capacity hard drives aimed at commercial and enterprise users. The new IronWolf Pro is a traditional magnetic recording hard disk drive with a capacity of 22TB.

The IronWolf Pro 22TB is a standard 3.5-inch drive with a SATA3 (6Gbps) connector. It has ten plates and base heads that operate at 7200 revolutions per minute (RPM). Seagate claims its latest high-capacity drive delivers exceptional network and direct-attached storage performance with an annual workload rate of 550 terabytes. In addition, the disk ensures long-term reliability in multi-bay systems thanks to built-in rotational vibration sensors.

Seagate Iron Wolf Pro 22 TB
Form factor CMR 3.5 inch SATA3 6Gpbs, 7200rpm
cache 512MB
Mean time between failures 2,500,000 hours
Maximum sustainable transfer rate 285MB/s
Average operating power 7.9W
noise level (search) 26dB
Limited Warranty 5 years
Price $599

Although Seagate says the MSRP for its latest 22TB hard drive is $599, you can order one. for $399 at Newegg. If you need one. solid Network-attached storage or a hard drive for a regular PC, but 22TB is too much or too expensive, check out These deals Seagate’s smaller HDDs have very affordable price tags.

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