Seagate 8TB, 12TB, 14TB CMR HDDs for NAS, Plex are on sale again at lowest prices


Seagate Exos 14TB

During Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, many traditional magnetic recording (CMR)-based hard disk drives (HDDs) were on sale. If you’re shopping for such a drive (or drives) for your network-attached storage (NAS) or perhaps your Plex Media Server, there’s good news because some prices have dropped once again.

These deals come in the form of Seagate Exos enterprise-grade CMR disks as well as IronWolf NAS drives. These are CMR HDDs which means they are great for heavy duty usage scenarios. You can buy them at the links below:

If you are looking for something else, you can browse. Amazon US, Amazon UKor Newegg using links.

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