Say goodbye to one of the oldest ways to take screenshots in Windows.


An example of a backlit print screen key

Microsoft is about to replace one of the oldest ways to take screenshots in its operating system. An upcoming Windows 11 feature update will change what happens when you press the Print Screen key, from taking screenshots or sending the contents of your monitor to the clipboard (prior to GUI-based systems, the Print Screen key Hitting will copy what’s on your monitor. and send to a standard printing port).

After installing Windows 11 22624.1546, pressing the Print Screen key will launch the stock snapping tool app instead of taking a screenshot and silently placing it in the clipboard. The feature itself isn’t new—Microsoft introduced the option in Windows 10 and kept it disabled until now. What’s changing is its default state—starting with build 22624.1546, Print Screen works as a shortcut for the Snapping Tool app (you can also use Win + Shift + S).

Fortunately, Microsoft doesn’t plan to remove legacy behavior from Windows 11. If you prefer to take screenshots the old way, here’s how to revert the change:

  1. Launch the Settings app and go to Accessibility > Keyboard Section
  2. find. On-screen keyboard, access keys, and print screen segment.
  3. Toggle the Use the Print Screen button to open Screen Snapping. option Screenshot of Windows 11s Settings app

It’s worth noting that you shouldn’t wait for build 22624.1546 to hit the stable channel to try using the printscreen key in the new way. This option is available in all versions of Windows 10 and 11 and is disabled by default. Also, the change won’t affect related shortcuts, such as Alt + Print Screen, which lets you take a screenshot of the current app and copy it to the clipboard.

What do you think about Microsoft changing the way the Print Screen key works?


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