Save big on this 2023 Complete Raspberry Pi & Arduino Developer Bundle


Nine lifetime courses and 61 hours of content on everything Raspberry Pi!

Today’s featured deal comes from us. Online courses Section of Niuven Deals Storewhere you can. Save 96% on this 2022 Complete Raspberry Pi & Arduino Developer Bundle.

This bundle includes the following courses:

  1. Raspberry Pi & Arduino: The Next Level
    Communicate your Raspberry Pi with Arduino and build more apps around this bridge
  2. ROS2 for beginners
    Master key ROS concepts to build powerful and scalable robot applications.
  3. Learn ROS2 as a ROS1 developer and port your ROS projects.
    Build complete ROS2 applications and migrate the ROS1 code base to ROS2.
  4. Raspberry Pi for Beginners: The Complete Course
    Build amazing projects with Raspberry Pi 4 using Python 3, GPIOs, Flask and more
  5. Arduino for Beginners: The Complete Course
    Master Arduino Starting from scratch – Learn with hands-on activities and many Arduino projects
  6. Arduino OOP (Object Oriented Programming)
    Learn how to use OOP with Arduino through a step-by-step project.
  7. Practical Python: Learn Python 3 Basics Step by Step
    Get started with Python 3 by getting the basics lessons and exercises.
  8. Practical C++: Learn C++ Basics Step by Step
    Get started quickly with C++: Just hands-on lessons and practice to master C++ basics
  9. The Practical Linux Command Line: The Basics You Really Need
    Get a strong Linux command line foundation instantly in just a few hours.
Learn the basics and dive into hands-on coding and programming.

Here’s the deal:

The 2023 Complete Raspberry Pi & Arduino Developer Bundle normally costs $1,800, but can now be had. Yours for just $69.99, for a limited time, That’s a savings of $1,730 (96%)! Click the link below for descriptions and instructor information.

Get this Raspberry Pi & Arduino bundle for $69.99.

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