Saudi, Omani joint seal released


RIYADH: The Coalition to Restore Legitimacy in Yemen’s Joint Incident Assessment Team (JIAT) issued a statement on Wednesday regarding several allegations.

The first allegation is that on March 26, 2022, coalition forces targeted a school and medical center in Al-Mukram village in Qamran Directorate of Al-Hodeidah Governorate.

The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights said two airstrikes that hit al-Mukram village injured several people and destroyed civilian property. The village is under the control of al-Houthi armed militias.

JIAT verified the incident and reviewed all documents including flight mission orders, daily mission schedule, mission execution procedures, satellite images, aerial images, video recordings of the mission executed.

Ziad found that coalition forces had received intelligence indicating that the two buildings were used as command and control headquarters for hostile naval operations in the Red Sea and as a weapons depot belonging to al-Houthi armed militias.

It is considered a legitimate military objective that achieves a concrete, direct and specific military advantage, based on Article (8) of the Additional Protocol to the Legal Protection of Civilian Objects, Geneva Conventions and Rule (8). Customary International Humanitarian Law.

Validation levels were obtained through observation through the reconnaissance and surveillance system of the two buildings used.

Ziad issued another statement on allegations that Coalition Forces (AG) targeted a car in Al-Tuhida Directorate of Al-Hodeidah Governorate on November 11, 2018, leading to the death of the driver’s family members and his destruction. Car.

(Car) space is not included in the claim.

By studying video recordings of missions executed on the requested date, the day before, and the day after, Ziyad found that coalition forces did not target a car south of al-Tuhida.

(11/07/2018) By examining the airstrikes carried out by coalition forces, JIAT found that coalition forces had conducted an airstrike on a military target – an artillery – south of al- -The city of Tuhyta uses a guided missile that hits its target in an empty area off the paved roads.

They were military targets and there were none of them (cars).

By comparing the claim report with the flight carried out on the date of the claim, JIAT found that the description of the claim (car) did not match the description of the military target (artillery).

ZIAD also issued a statement regarding the alleged targeting of Aden Hotel in Kurmaksar Directorate of Aden Governorate by coalition forces on July 9, 2015.

By studying the air missions carried out by the coalition forces on the requested date, JIAT found that no coalition forces had conducted any air missions in Aden.

JIAT also reported that there were no maritime targeting activities by coalition forces vessels in Aden during the period from June 9, 2015 to August 9, 2015.

After the claimed date (26/03/2016) ZIAD experts examined satellite images of the claimed site and found that there were no signs of damage to the roof of the main building and no signs of damage by aerial targets on the building. .

In light of that; JIAT found that coalition forces had not targeted the Aden Hotel on 9 July as requested.

When the team visited the location, JIAT experts found traces of surface weapons and damage to the front of the hotel and signs of damage on the first three floors of the hotel, most likely as a result of surface weapon shots.

By reading open source statements related to the claim, JIAT found signs of damage on the lower floors of the Aden Hotel, comparable to the extent of the effects left by artillery shells.

An open-source report on a visit to the Aden Hotel by a high-ranking official indicated the scale and extent of damage to the hotel as a result of targeting by Al-Houthi militias.


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