Samsung relaunched Galaxy Enhance-X for the S23 series.


Galaxy S23 Ultra's camera

Samsung’s AI-powered image editing app Galaxy Enhance-X is back on the market with Android 13 support and currently works with the Galaxy S23 series (don’t forget to check out our S23 Ultra review). However, the company announced on this Korean community page That it will soon add support for the S22 series.

For the uninitiated, Galaxy Enhance-X was first unveiled in July 2022 and offered users AI-fueled image editing and upscaling features. The app also served as a replacement for the built-in image editor in Samsung’s Gallery app.

However, Galaxy Enhance-X was removed from the Galaxy Store and users a few months later. Reported That the app installed on their devices was also crashing. Here it is again. Available at Galaxy Store. With version number 1.0.55 with beta tag and its size is about 84 MB. The app offers a single-click feature called Magic Enhancer that automatically detects and fixes issues like blur, noise, or loss of detail.

Samsung Galaxy Enhance-X

Galaxy Enhance-X also offers single-click buttons to adjust various aspects like HDR, brightness, sharpness and more. In addition, the app can be used to remove unwanted shadows and reduce the Moiré effect – the wavy pattern that appears when clicking images on a TV or laptop screen.

Additionally, the app’s image upscaling feature can up to four times the resolution for images below 1MP. For example, a 640×360 image can be converted to 2560×1400. Samsung said the app also works for photos that weren’t taken on Galaxy devices. It plans to bring Galaxy Enhance-X to A-series devices in the coming future as well.

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