Samsung may adopt a new mobile strategy next year.


Samsung Galaxy S22
In 2022, the Galaxy S22 was introduced in different colors.

It has long been Samsung’s strategy to release three Galaxy S models at the start of each year. But the company seems to be interested in adopting a new mobile strategy, where two Galaxy S handsets will be released instead of three.

According to a report by Korean news outlet The Elec, Samsung is considering doing away with the ‘Plus’ model in the Galaxy S24 series that will debut next year. The report does not explain why the South Korean giant had to cancel the S24 Plus model, but speculates that the “current state of the smartphone market” could be responsible for the move.

Samsung is all set to release the Galaxy S23 series on February 1st. If the report is true, the S23 series will give consumers a final chance to buy a ‘Plus’ model, which is slightly better and slightly less powerful than the regular Galaxy S. Compared to the ‘Ultra’ model. But from next year, you have to either settle for the standard model or go for the most premium model.

Last year, Apple’s iPhone 14 Plus received a lukewarm response from consumers, leading to speculation about whether Apple would stop making the ‘Plus’ model going forward. However, it is clear that the iPhone 14 Plus is the most unpopular handset in the lineup. The same is true of the Galaxy S22 series, as Samsung sold a total of 1.42 million units of the S22 Plus in the first three months after its release. In contrast, the S22 Ultra and the regular S22 saw better sales numbers during the same time frame.

Apart from the ‘Plus’ model, Samsung is also expected to reduce the number of models in the Galaxy A series. Again, there is no concrete explanation as to why Samsung wants to reduce the number of models in the mid-range segment.

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