Samsung and Nokia sign new cross-license 5G patent agreement


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Today, Samsung and Nokia signed a new cross-license patent agreement covering Nokia’s core innovations in 5G and other technologies, after the previous agreement expired at the end of 2022, back in 2016. was signed.

The terms of the deal remain private, but it will mean that Samsung will pay Nokia royalties over a period of several years starting on January 1, 2023, for the use of technology that Nokia developed.

Jenny Lokinder, President of Nokia Technologies The following to say:

“Samsung is a leader in the smartphone industry, and we are delighted to enter into a friendly agreement with them. This agreement gives both companies the freedom to innovate, and the strength of Nokia’s patent portfolio, decades of R&D Reflects investments and contributions to cellular standards and other technologies.

The two companies are no strangers to signing information sharing agreements, however, having also signed a video standards agreement in 2021.

Nokia’s 5G patent portfolio includes more than 4,500 patent families identified as essential for 5G, and some technologies include LTE-NR dual connectivity that accelerates 5G rollout, 5G radio stack design that 4G Allows greater reuse of silicon, power-saving technologies and voice services. (EVS) which is a high quality audio codec.

Source: Globe News Wire through Phone Arena


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