Samsung 970 EVO Plus, 990 PRO 2TB SSDs prices drop further, hit all-time lows on Amazon


Samsung 970 EVO Plus and 990 PRO SSDs

Currently, on Amazon, The 2TB Samsung 970 EVO Plus SSD is on sale for just $112. While The 2TB 990 PRO is available for just $169.. Prices for these SSDs have dropped to their all-time lows on Amazon and Newegg today, so grab yours while you can.

The 970 EVO Plus is powered by V-NAND technology and firmware optimization, offering better NAND performance and higher power efficiency. It is capable of reaching sequential read speeds of up to 3500 MB/s and sequential write speeds of up to 3300 MB/s. With the ability to fit up to 2TB on the compact M.2 (2280) form factor it can be an ideal tool to help increase storage capacity and save space for other components.

For better heat dissipation, the 970 EVO Plus features Samsung’s advanced nickel-coated controller and heat spreader. To minimize performance degradation, Dynamic Thermal Guard automatically monitors and maintains optimum operating temperature.

With Samsung Magician software, you get a number of tools to help keep your drive up to date, monitor drive health and speed, and increase overall performance. The Samsung 970 EVO Plus variant, being 53% faster than the Samsung 970 EVO, delivers superior performance for heavy workloads on PCs and workstations.

Evo Plus

  • 2TB Samsung 970 EVO Plus SSD (NVMe M.2 internal solid state hard drive, V-NAND technology, storage and memory expansion for gaming, graphics with heat control, maximum speed): $112.09 (Amazon US)$114.99 (Neweg US)

  • 2TB Samsung 990 PRO SSD (PCIe 4.0 M.2 internal solid state drive, high speed for gaming, heat control, direct storage and memory expansion for video editing, heavy graphics): $169.99 (Amazon US)$169.99 (Neweg US)

Samsung SSD 990 PRO with and without heatsink

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