Sam Bankman Fried Fraud Case: DOJ Launches Website for FTX Victims


United States Department of Justice A new website has been created. For victims of alleged fraud by Sam Banksman Freud, Decrypt has reported.. Due to the large number of victims of fraud, prosecutors have found it impractical to contact FTX customers individually, so a website has been set up.

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The website doesn’t have a form to fill out, instead, it has contact details for the US Attorney’s Office so you can email them if you’ve been scammed and check to see if you’ve been scammed. will be done to determine whether you are eligible for classification or not. A victim in the case.

Customers who had assets stored on FTX when it stopped withdrawing are still awaiting access to their items. Bahamian authorities said late last year that they had acquired $3.5 billion in FTX’s assets, which they plan to return to customers and creditors, but not all of the money is FTX’s liability and some Still to be found.

If you are affected by the FTX termination, it may be a good idea to contact the email address on the DOJ website, even if you are outside the United States. This will ensure that your name will be put down to collect any assets you are owed when it comes time to distribute the receivables.

Source: Decrypt


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